Konica Minolta announces the launch of the bizhub LEGAL

| 3 February 2015

Konica Minolta launches the first solution specially designed to support legal companies in their daily business. The combination of a legal sector-specific multifunctional device, document management solutions and IT services addresses the specific requirements of the sector in areas like efficiency, security and compliance with legal and industry standards.

Jurists, partnerships of lawyers and law firms are liable to special organisational guidelines required by law. This already starts with keeping extensive records for each mandate, what, for example, generates up to 60 per cent more print volume than similar-sized companies in other industries. In addition, the personal and mandate-related protection of data privacy is liable to special standards. With the ever-growing volume of work, efficient document management, secure communication and assured conformity with legal regulations become businesscritical issues. “This is where bizhub LEGAL comes in: Combining our expertise in serving law firms with years of experience in document management and IT Services projects, we create a sector-specific offer”, says Manuel Arróniz, international Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe.

Legally accurate

To this end, bizhub LEGAL combines a variety of solutions including hardware, applications and services. They are individually tailored for the specific working methods and legal requirements of each law firm: confidentiality, protection against unauthorized access or complete traceability of all processing steps by revision-proof document storage is preserved. In practice, the offers range from bizhub LEGAL solutions for multifunctional devices especially developed for law firms to professional services and IT infrastructure management or secure cloud and mobile printing. „Our service ranges even up to converting written documents in sound recordings. Like that, the document content can be audibly accessed at any time and independent from location “, says Manuel Arróniz.

Economically efficient

Law firms are also economic entities, which increasingly compete with each other for mandates. Therefore bizhub LEGAL systematically supports the specific internal workflows and the law firm management processes in total as well. Like in other companies those processes significantly influence the productivity and thus the economic result. The outcome is efficient document management and automated document workflows. Advantages in everyday work routine are manifold: Mandates are processed faster, the communication with clients, other law firms and courts becomes more efficient, and files are administered in a structured system. The bizhub LEGAL is the result of years of experience in serving legal companies and of extensive research by Konica Minolta in the requirements of legal practices in Europe, especially of small and medium businesses. Konica Minolta collaborated with law firms in different European countries to have these solutions being developed.

More information: http://legal.konicaminolta.eu


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