Sonimage HS2

Premium Portable Ultrasound

  • Top Performance - Diagnostic Confidence
  • Real ease of use
  • Innovative functionalities
  • Versatility



Premium Portable Ultrasound

  • T²HI® – Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging

    Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging (T²HI®) is an advanced solution of Harmonic Imaging, guaranteeing exceptional image clarity and homogeneity, in the whole picture

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Workflow

    RA Workflow is a unique tool integrated in Sonimage HS2, supporting Physicians and Ultrasound Specialists in the diagnostics and assessments of Rheuma patients.Based on the DAS 28 protocol, this unique feature helps simplifying and speeding up the overall flow of the examination.

  • Elastography Imaging (Strain)

  • Simple Clear Flow Imaging

    The HS2 System clearly detects small vessels and slow blood flows, with high resolution blood flow mode

  • Simple Needle Visualization

    Needle visualization is essential for accurate and successful ultrasound-guided procedures. From regional anesthesia to biologic injections, ultrasound not only images the anatomical structures but also highlights the advancing needle. Simple Needle Visualization (SNV®) software, available with the SONIMAGE® HS2 Ultrasound System, provides greater needle visibility of the needle tip, shaft and injectate for confident needle placement. SNV supports both in-plane and out-of-plane techniques.

  • Vascular NAVI®

    Vascular NAVI is designed to improve the vascular ultrasound workflow by significantly reducing operating steps of Color/PW Doppler and blood flow volume measurement. It automatically sets various parameters and blood flow volume can be measured easily with the automatic assistance of blood vessel wall detection.

  • Full Screen Visualization

    The HS2 System allows for full screen display on 15” LCD monitor.



Sonimage HS2 Key Features

Sonimage HS2 is Konica Minolta’s Premium Portable Ultrasound designed to meet the requirements for a wide range of applications and clinical environments. The system delivers Premium Performance and an Intuitive Workflow. Perfect for use in Point of Care (POC) and Musculoskeletal (MSK).

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    Real 18 MHz Imaging

    Real 18 MHz Imaging means a unique view of the Sonoanatomy in Musculoskeletal and Point of Care applications. Sonimage HS2 in combination with the high-frequency and X-Broadband Transducer L18-4 delivers the highest resolution and crystal-clear visibility of tissues, since the very first millimeters below the skin level.

    Clinically speaking, the Real 18 MHz Imaging means a real support to MSK specialists in making assessments and the most accurate view for operators in the Point of Care, for performing ultrasound-guided interventional procedures with confidence.

  • Key Feature Diagnostic

    Real Diagnostic Value

    Premium Performance on Sonimage HS2 is met through the perfect match of high-quality and standard transducers and a powerful platform at the base of the system.

    All Konica Minolta transducers are proudly designed and manufactured in Japan by Konica Minolta, with the highest quality materials and according to the highest standards in the overall manufacturing process.

    Sonimage HS2 is based on a powerful platform implementing advanced technological solutions, like T²HI® (Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging) and iXRET® (eXtended Resolution Enhancement Technology).

  • Key Feature Ease of Use

    Real ease of use

    Konica Minolta’s ultrasound solutions are based on the innovative Sonimage User Interface concept, delivering an intuitive operation and easy access to all the functionalities in all clinical conditions.

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    Based on the understanding of the real and specific clinical needs, for specialists in the Point of Care, Musculoskeletal and Vascular, Konica Minolta has developed advanced and innovative tools.
    Technologies like Simple Needle Visualization (SNV), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Workflow and Vascular NAVI represent unique features empowering the Sonimage products, to be “Real Solutions” for all ultrasound users.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Monitor 15 inch
Power supply AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz, max 180 VA(main body only)
Size 369mm x 452mm x 90mm
Weight 7,9kg (battery included)
Scan method Convex, Linear, Sector
Operating mode B. M. color, power, SCF, PWD, CWD

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