Environmental Sustainability


Environmental strategy

Eco Vision 2050 – Our long-term goal

In January 2009, we formulated Konica Minolta’s Eco Vision 2050 as our long-term plan towards a sustainable future. This was based on our management philosophy and our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable Earth and society. Our goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 was determined by estimating the emissions and population in 2005 vs. 2050 and calculating to what extent emissions would need to be reduced before the Earth could naturally absorb the CO2.

Medium-term Plan 2016 – Our medium-term goals

In 2014, we created our mid-term plan to ensure that we remain focused on achieving our environmental goals now and in the future. These are its goals:

  • Preventing global warming
  • Supporting a recycling-oriented society
  • Restoring and preserving biodiversity
  • Reducing the use of harmful chemical substances

Creating Shared Value – Our approach to fulfil the goals

Our mid-term plan is based on the concept of “Creating Shared Value.” Our aim is to create economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges. Based on this concept, Konica Minolta’s Medium-term Plan 2016 establishes targets for both the reduction of its environmental impact and for corporate growth. We aim to create shared value with our key stakeholders.

In order to establish our environmental priorities and plans, we continually analyse the opportunities and risks related to the impact Konica Minolta and all of its activities have on the environment.

The Plan identifies material issues by considering both environmental and business priorities. To that end, the Medium-term Environmental Plan 2016 lays out Three Green Activities—Green Products (planning and development), Green Factories (procurement and production), and Green Marketing (distribution, sales and service, and collection and recycling)—as global material themes at each stage of our business.

Environmental Policy Konica Minolta Europe

Based on our global environmental strategy and our Eco Vision, Konica Minolta Europe has developed an Environmental Policy which is guiding our daily business activities.

Konica Minolta Europe is committed to act as a socially and ecologically responsible company that meets the requirements of sustainable economic development and an appreciative corporate culture.

To support this commitment, Konica Minolta Europe has identified key environmental management principles, which are to:

  1. Protect the environment together with our employees, our customers and business partners.
  2. Comply with all relevant legal and other environmental requirements.
  3. Reduce the environmental load especially by means of marketing, distribution and product use.
  4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that derive from our business activities, recognizing that global warming is one of the most important world issues.
  5. Strive for minimizing consumption of natural resources and promoting recovery and recycling.
  6. Work with business partners that demonstrate implementation of sustainable development practices where possible.
  7. Communicate environmental information effectively and transparently with our colleagues and interested parties.
  8. Continuously evaluate and improve our environmental performance and processes through the setting of objectives and targets.
  9. Review and audit our business activities on a regular basis to measure our environmental performance and compliance.