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dokoni FIND

With virtually unlimited information available, knowledge workers tend to waste valuable time and manpower, causing unnecessary costs when trying to find specific documents.

The comprehensive enterprise indexing application dokoni FIND helps users access the information they need, independent of the format or repository it resides in. dokoni FIND provides fast and easy access to all relevant enterprise data without the need to switch between user interfaces and applications. Working from a single point of access across all applications, it abstracts content from disparate data silos and captures it in a secure common index, instantly showing all results a user is authorised to access. dokoni FIND supports users in finding and retrieving any type of data fast, uniting connected data stores, applications and databases into one Universal Index.

Don’t hesitate to download the dokoni FIND mobile app, now available free of charge from Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. You can access, send, download documents and content from phone and tablets without VPN access:

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Document capture

  • Content virtualisation
  • Universal data access
  • Data connectivity
  • Content conversion

Content management

  • Enterprise search
  • Data remain in place
  • Central portal with SharePoint usage
  • Integrated security
  • Simple scale-up options
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