Digital twins – doubling the potential for innovation

A digital twin enables you to depict existing and planned equipment and systems virtually. This allows you to...


RFID: How businesses use chip technology

We already use RFID chips to unlock our cars and pay simply by tapping our credit cards. What opportunities does this...


Collaboration tools: working together better – everywhere

Where do you want to work today? Let employees decide with a collaboration tool that is sure to increase efficiency...


Five reasons for SMEs to use a business IoT platform

Everybody wants to manage their data in clouds. That has a lot of advantages, but also its limits. Edge IoT platforms...


What is a business IoT platform and why do I need it?

Where and how will SMEs store their ever greater amounts of data in future? With edge computing, data is processed...


Turning the Internet of things into the Internet of opportunities

There is no area where the Internet of things does not play a role. The changes it brings with it are not coming...


Mixed reality – how real and virtual worlds are merging

Virtual and augmented reality have long since become more than gimmicks. IT expert Matthias Greiner explains how they...


More freedom through Big Brother?

At the Epicenter start-up hub in Stockholm, employees wear an RFID chip under their skin. A great innovation or the...


Say what? Test your digital vocabulary

Of course, you already know who is ‘agile’ and where the ‘cloud’ is found. But here we present the latest...

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