Data centre security: keeping your cloud data doubly secure

In the cloud, security of all data is top priority. That is why our data centres are protected with comprehensive...


The sky’s the limit: the 6 advantages (and 3 disadvantages) of cloud computing

You’ve heard cloud computing is the way forward, but you’re still not entirely sure why or whether the much-talked...


Printing from cloud, nine reasons to make the switch

You know about cloud printing, but maybe you don’t know why it’s so critical to your business. Here we explain why it...


PaaS: manage IT with a Platform as a Service (part 3)

IT systems for SMEs often come from different providers. PaaS provides a basis via the cloud for you to seamlessly...


IaaS: start afresh with Infrastructure as a Service (part 2)

Increasingly complex IT processes require powerful and stable IT infrastructure. SMEs can hit the ground running...


SaaS: secure competitive advantages with Software as a Service (part 1)

IT workflows in organisations are becoming increasingly complex. Find out how you can set up your business in an...


The future of clouds and how they make SMEs fit for the future

A lot of big companies already take hybrid clouds for granted. But many small and medium sized businesses can’t yet...

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