Crisis management: agile action in a crisis

Throughout Europe, small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors are facing the same difficult challenge: how do...


Digital knowledge management in small and medium-sized companies

Invest in knowledge and secure competitive advantages.


Ramping up a distributed team

How to ensure efficiency and security while transitioning to remote work


Tips on how to effectively work from home

How to make working in the home office pleasant and productive with small steps


The right time management turns ‘no time’ back into ‘me time’

Each day has 24 hours. And yet we still often ask ourselves where the time has gone. Time management helps us to...


Mastering complexity: with Workbook #4 from Job Wizards

Companies are not at the mercy of increasing complexity. The Workbook shows how you can get to grips with challenging...


Complexity management: simplify workflows, manage data

The bigger the company, the less clear the structures: complexity management helps growing SMEs stay organised...


Risk management: a challenge in New Work

New Work is based on wanting to try out new things and therefore taking risks. You can identify these using careful...


Five qualities of a leader at the time of transformation: how not to be stuck in the past

Changes are permanent actions in our life. A leader should adapt to new challenges and a new environment. Job Wizards...

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