How can data help you make smarter business decisions?

You already know the power of data, but you may not be using it to its full potential yet. Here are some ways data...


Job Wizards + Turn magazine = RETHINK WORK

Welcome to our new blog. We are happy you are here. Transformation is everything we do – so let’s go for it! Start to...


The new world of work is changing everything, even your payslip: New Pay

Nowadays, we work together with agility and autonomy. Conventional salary scales no longer fit. The time has come for...


5 business continuity tips in the face of disruption

Many organisations have recently found themselves scrambling to keep business running as usual while ensuring their...


Digital agriculture: how Dutch farmers use precision farming for floriculture

Tulips are an important export article for the Netherlands. In order to remain successful while acting sustainably...


The future of work: what companies need to know today

The labour market is already influencing the future of work. The Job Wizards explain the latest trends and reveal...


Customer experience management: how customers become happy and how they stay that way

What causes us to settle on a product? The fact that everything feels just right. Invest in customer loyalty with...


Success formula: Measure customer satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score is the product of a single question and a simple formula. Find out here how even SMEs can...


Diversity management: variety is the future

For SMEs, diversity management is a clever tool with which to confront demographic change, find specialists and boost...

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