The new world of work is changing everything, even your payslip: New Pay

Nowadays, we work together with agility and autonomy. Conventional salary scales no longer fit. The time has come for...


5 business continuity tips in the face of disruption

Many organisations have recently found themselves scrambling to keep business running as usual while ensuring their...


Digital agriculture: how Dutch farmers use precision farming for floriculture

Tulips are an important export article for the Netherlands. In order to remain successful while acting sustainably...


The future of work: what companies need to know today

The labour market is already influencing the future of work. The Job Wizards explain the latest trends and reveal...


Customer experience management: how customers become happy and how they stay that way

What causes us to settle on a product? The fact that everything feels just right. Invest in customer loyalty with...


Success formula: Measure customer satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score is the product of a single question and a simple formula. Find out here how even SMEs can...


Diversity management: variety is the future

For SMEs, diversity management is a clever tool with which to confront demographic change, find specialists and boost...


Smart Windows: Digital innovation from Poland

Glass is rarely the first product that people associate with digitisation. What potential do windows have to...


The customer relationship management workbook: the recipe for customer loyalty

Capture the hearts of your consumers with well-thought-out CRM. Our workbook shows you how to establish and maintain...

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