GDPR 2021: data protection and access to personnel files

Dealing with personal data, such as that of employees and customers, is often an unforeseen difficulty for SMEs...


Safe workplace – well-protected, secure working

Whether your new office is at home, you have a conventional office at the company, or a mixture of the two: security...


AI in cybersecurity – a game of thrones

The development in technology is progressing continuously. Ransomware and other cyber threats do not constitute an...


How remote work is transforming cybersecurity

As organizations of all sizes extend their commitment to supporting remote workforces for the future, cybersecurity...


Backup management: every business needs an emergency exit

Losing data can be catastrophic for any business. So it is crucial to protect yourself against loss and invest in...


Data security now

Why is data security so important to SMEs? And what does a comprehensive information security concept involve?


Data security: how SMEs protect company data

IT security, information security and data security are three terms to describe the same important task: in times...


The workplace of the future is secured

For the digital workplace to lead seamlessly to success, it must be part of a security culture. It requires a...


Six months of the GDPR: three questions for Wojciech Wiewiórowski

2018 is a landmark year for data protection and privacy – on 25 May of this year, the EU General Data Protection...


Taking stock after 100 days: how are things going with GDPR?

Before 25 May 2018, there was a lot of reporting and heated discussion about the upcoming implementation of GDPR...

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