Why your business should be embracing the exciting benefits of mobile print

Much of the workforce across Europe has embraced the agility and flexibility of hybrid working, choosing to work from a business or organisation’s workplace, a dedicated home office, or indeed any other location which is suitable and convenient for them to be productive and strike the right work/life balance.

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Figures from analyst Quocirca show that nearly 32% of the businesses it surveyed have hybrid working employees and therefore require business systems that support this approach. This level of working location flexibility inevitably means a greater reliance on mobile devices and therefore the associated business IT and print infrastructure must be able to fully cater for these needs. The increasing use of mobile devices to create and edit documents and files means the need to print from these directly has become much more important.

In the past, printing from mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) was difficult or even impossible (especially with BYOD devices, which can pose connectivity and security challenges). This is where mobile print is particularly useful, by providing a secure and easy to use solution that successfully enables mobile devices to be directly used to print documents.

The benefits of mobile print

Mobile print delivers many compelling benefits to an organisation/business, its employees, customers, and guests:
  • Boosted productivity - Mobile workers can use it wherever or whenever required when they have suitable internet access.
  • Highly intuitive to use – Additional training on how to use mobile printing is not necessary for most people.
  • Data is safeguarded - End to end encryption and user authentication ensures data privacy and security is maintained.
  • Supports BYOD needs – Mobile print is easy to use and secure from any mobile device (be it owned by the business or the individual).
  • Costs control – It is easier to control and monitor print costs or to assign them to specific cost centres.
  • Highly flexible – A cloud-based solution is agile and flexible, whilst being cost-effective and fully secure.

Implementing mobile print

There are three key technology methods of deploying and using mobile printing, which are:
  • Mobile print app – This enables you to print directly from a smartphone/tablet to a printer. The device and the printer only need to be on the same network, and then the printer is selected in the app and ready to print.
  • Mobile printing (via a server solution) – The print job is not sent directly to the printer, but to the print server and from there to a printer (i.e. follow-me printing - that means that you can print and collect the print job at any printer of your choice ). There are two advantages of this method. Firstly, you do not have to find or select a dedicated printer in advance, you simply send it to the print server which then sends the print job to one of the connected printers when required. Secondly, you don't have to be connected to the same network as the printer to achieve this.
  • Cloud printing via a mobile device – This works in a similar way to mobile printing via a server, except the server is not installed on-premise at the business/organisation’s facility, but rather documents are sent to a remote cloud server instead.
Guest print takes this approach a step further. Available on mobile printing via a server solution, and cloud printing via a mobile device, guest print enables guests and visitors to print from their mobile devices, while keeping the business’s IT and print infrastructure secure. It is the perfect printing solution for hotels, libraries, educational institutions and indeed anywhere the public share facilities with employees.

Mobile print options from Konica Minolta

It is important to choose the right mobile print options for your organisation/business. Konica Minolta offers a range of mobile print options to suit every workplace and budget. These include a mobile print app, mobile printing (via a server solution) and cloud printing via a mobile device.

Mobile print app

Konica Minolta Mobile Print – Konica Minolta’s app enables you to send print jobs and scan documents remotely from a mobile device. Compatible with Android, and iOS devices, and with end-to-end encryption, this free app features a clear and easy to follow interface and enables you to connect and start printing from your chosen MFD right away.

Mobile printing (via a server solution)

Konica Minolta offers several powerful easy to use options for mobile printing via a server:
Dispatcher Paragon - Provides effective secure management of print users and costs. Thanks to additional core scanning capabilities (including mobile), Dispatcher Paragon provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use workflow.
As part of an upgrade of its printer fleet to the latest Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function devices, GRAWE Banking Group was also looking for greater security and flexibility, including mobile printing.
Using Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Paragon solution, GRAWE Banking Group is now benefiting from secure management of print users and costs, along with the security and flexibility of follow-me print which ensures it has everything it needs to take full advantage of mobile print.

YSoft SafeQ – Is a print management and workflow solution that makes information widely available for any business purpose, whilst ensuring security, transparency, and compliance (including mobile devices).
BMW wanted a comprehensive global printing solution which needed to include mobile printing to support its workplace flexibility requirements.
BMW is using YSoft SafeQ for follow-me and secure printing, along with a mobile app to connect mobile devices with Konica Minolta’s printers via Wi-Fi. This enables employees to print documents and images as well as import scanned data, bringing workflow productivity with mobile devices to a completely new level.

BENS Server – Businesses can manage print jobs and output results effectively, ensuring secure printing and fulfils print needs across all devices (from mobile workers to print room specialists). It provides full management across Konica Minolta bizhub MFDs and other devices (including support for a multi-vendor fleet).

Cloud printing via a mobile device

Konica Minolta additionally offers multiple options for cloud printing via a mobile device:
Workplace Pure – Is a cloud service platform which included print services that can enhance the use of mobile print (Convert to PDF/Word/Excel, Document Translation, Cloud Print, Secure Guest Print, Smart Scan and Smart Copy, Fax). Workplace Pure also connects external cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or SharePoint Online.
Randstad, the world's leading staffing services provider, has a desk-sharing concept whereby employees no longer have a fixed workplace. The nature of its business means that workers still require a print facility, complicated by the fact that many documents contain personal data that can’t be openly left on a printer.
Randstad is using Konica Minolta’s Workplace Pure cloud print solution for follow-me printing which fully supports mobile working. It also fosters more sustainable printing behaviour, maintains the high security of documents, and relieves the pressure on the IT department from having to operate its own printing infrastructure.

SAFEQ Cloud – Delivers mobile print as part of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. It streamlines print infrastructure, eliminates print servers, and incorporates cloud technologies with ease. Includes a guest print option for use with a mobile device.

Futureproofing with mobile print

Mobile print should be a consideration for all businesses and organisations – whether they favour a hybrid working, fully remote, or fully office-based model.
Flexible and practical, but secure, mobile print is simple to use for all. Vitally, it supports workers to be more productive and agile, free from the constraints of a static office print solution. Mobile print utilises existing hardware (mobile devices and MFDs etc), making it easy, quick, and cost-effective to implement.
A cloud-based print solution offering also mobile printing option means you can safely and securely print anywhere and on virtually any device or operating system, whilst reducing and managing costs effectively. It  is always up to date and can evolve with business needs and rapidly scales to requirements, making it the perfect long-term investment.

Mobile print future-proofs print for the business or organisation. Konica Minolta offers a range of mobile print solutions that fit any requirement or budget.