Cloud printing and scanning made easy



Securely print and scan from any device in any location​

If you're ready to adopt cloud print management – whether to round out your migration to cloud infrastructure or as a starting point for your journey to the cloud – look at what our SAFEQ Cloud solution has to offer.​

SAFEQ Cloud is an all-in-one cloud-native print management and scanning solution. It's ideal if you want a secure, reliable and cost-effective alternative to managing your own on-premise print infrastructure. SAFEQ Cloud works with multi-vendor fleets, so there's no need to replace your existing printers, scanners or multifunctional printers (MFPs).​

We provide the service on a SaaS basis, which removes the cost and burden of maintaining your own print environment, including servers and drivers. If your business needs change, it can scale to meet them – no need for you to invest in new hardware.


Make life easier with multiple cloud scanning options

The SAFEQ Cloud platform offers multiple cloud scanning options, including:​

  • One-touch scan-to functionality – capture, process and deliver scanned documents to email and cloud repositories  ​

  • OCR technology – automatically converts the contents of scanned documents into editable formats that eliminate manual data entry​

  • Automatic application of metadata – simplifies finding and retrieving scanned documents from storage and archives

SAFEQ Cloud – Benefits at a glance

With SAFEQ Cloud, users (including guests) can quickly and easily print from any device in any location to any print device – with no need for IT involvement. Choosing cloud-based printing and scanning infrastructure can help you achieve the following benefits.​


Enable digitalisation

 with a multi-tenant architecture that offers high availability and optimal performance

Increase user efficiency

by reducing manual steps after authentication at any print device, and enabling easy access to print, copy and scan functionality from the intuitive interface​

Streamline document processing

​with one-touch scanning to email and cloud repositories, and OCR technology that eliminates the need for manual data entry​

Take pressure off IT

Centralise control, configuration, and user and access management with a web-based dashboard

Control IT costs

Do away with the costs of print server acquisition and maintenance, and scale the service in line with changing needs without new hardware investment

Feel safe with guaranteed security

Which is backed up in our certified data centre in Germany that's ISO 27001 and DIN EN 50600 certified for GDPR compliance and features cutting-edge technology to protect the perimeter

Support Zero Trust networking

Based on a stringent identity verification and user authentication process​

SAFEQ Cloud Brochure

The time to upgrade your world of work is now. Imagine a connected workplace with a simplified and scalable print infrastructure, maintained without any IT burden or expensive servers.​

Take the first step of your digital transformation journey.​

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Sustainability facts about the data centres where SAFEQ Cloud is hosted

SAFEQ Cloud benefits from being hosted in the Konica Minolta’s secure data centres located in Hanover, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden. Both data centres operate with 100% renewable energy and are ISO 14001 certified, whilst the site in Hanover does not need any extra cooling or air conditioning up to an outside temperature of 27°C as it is instead cooled solely by the ambient air


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