Redefine the Digital Workplace

Rethink the world of work

Utilising digital technology to embrace the opportunities of a rapidly evolving world 

The world is changing rapidly. This is constantly accompanied by new challenges for your company: 


Despite globalisation and increasing pressure from competitors, your company must remain competitive. To do this, you need to understand the ever-changing demands of your customers and respond with appropriate products and processes.

The amount of data is increasing almost daily due to digitalisation. It is therefore important that you do not lose the overview and that you use data intelligently to gain important business insights.

Your employees want to balance work and private life and therefore work flexibly. This is especially true for the younger generation "Gen Z". At the same time, your company faces the challenge of a shortage of skilled workers. So you have to meet your employees' expectations if you don't want to lose them.

The rapid pace of technological progress is bringing new technologies and applications to light faster and faster. This means that not only do you have to weigh up what to introduce into your company, but you also have to consider that some of your elder employees may not always be so quick to learn new applications.

Hacker attacks on companies and organisations are on the rise, no matter what size. So you need to be well prepared, because successful attacks can put your company in existential distress.

Climate change is advancing inexorably. Resources are becoming scarce and more expensive. Your company therefore needs resource- and energy-saving technologies and processes.

How digital transformation can help in addressing these trends

Digital transformation is the key to many challenges. It enables:

Substantiated business decisions based on data

Automation of processes and tasks

Mobile working and easier and more effective collaboration between all teams

Innovative technologies that are intuitive to use

Detection of potential vulnerabilities and threats through AI and machine learning

Resource and energy-saving technologies

Digital transformation increases the efficiency and flexibility of your business. This leads to better business outcomes such as higher sales, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. Digital transformation and the resulting digital workplace are the key elements that will help your company cope with current trends.


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That's why Konica Minolta is your partner for your digital transformation!

Do these challenges seem like an impossible task to you? Do you not know where to start first? Do you feel like you can't even keep up?

Don't worry about it. With Konica Minolta, you have a holistic digital workplace partner at your side to do it for you.

Why use Konica Minolta? You know us as your reliable partner for print management and document processes. Well, of course, we started with office solutions in these areas and then realised that there was more potential in us and that we could think even more comprehensively about the workplace . That’s why we created our Intelligent Connected Workplace concept.

We offer solutions and IT services around the digital workplace. We take care of your IT so you can take care of your business.

6 good reasons why Konica Minolta is your partner of choice

Single Point of contact

It costs time and resources to have a different IT service provider for each hardware, software or service area. Konica Minolta is therefore your partner for all digital solutions around the digital workplace. We are your No. 1 point of contact.


You know Konica Minolta as a global company. But did you also know that we have a dense regional presence in Europe and are directly represented in 30 countries with several offices in each country? This means you always have a partner close by for all your digital workplace needs.

IT Security Experience

We have over 20 years of IT security experience in managed security.

Leading in Remote Service

We have been awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023-2024 Pacesetter Award in Remote Service for the Western European market from Keypoint Intelligence. Based on research, this award recognises Konica Minolta as having the leading remote service offering.

Worldwide Leader in Print Transformation

We have transformed our business. In addition to Managed Print Services, we now have a comprehensive offering for the Intelligent Connected Workplace. This transformation has also been recognised by IDC, who named us a leader in print transformation.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner

Konica Minolta in Europe has  attained all six Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner Designations, underscoring its comprehensive capabilities across all Microsoft Cloud Solution areas. This makes us a trusted partner for digital transformation.

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