Flexibility, Efficiency and Sustainability

Achieving a lot with limited resources

You don't have to do everything yourself – outsource the management of your IT infrastructure cost-effectively

Your IT infrastructure forms the backbone of your company. Failures – for whatever reason – can have devastating consequences for your data security, financial situation, and customer satisfaction. At the same time, today's IT infrastructures are more complex to manage and more dynamic – new technologies are coming onto the market faster and faster, making it difficult to keep pace with the digital transformation.

However, as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) you are under enormous pressure to maintain a competitive IT infrastructure due to limited personnel and cost resources.

By outsourcing the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure to a professional Managed Services Provider (MSP) for an affordable regular fee, you can concentrate on the really important things such as your core business and the further development of your company. You benefit from many advantages, such as reduced workload for your IT department, improved flexibility, increased cost efficiency, and compliance with legal security and data protection regulations.

In view of the environmental challenges, an MSP can also help to build a more sustainable IT infrastructure.

There are various measures you can take to benefit from a competitive, fail-safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable IT landscape.

Outsourcing of the management of the print infrastructure

  • If you are still managing your print infrastructure on-premise yourself, then you are probably aware of the high level of effort involved
  • With Cloud Print, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, all applications and services are provided by an MSP in the cloud
  • You no longer need to buy and host printer drivers and print servers, this takes the burden off your IT department
  • You only pay for the resources you need and have full flexibility, scalability and cost transparency
  • Your employees can print from anywhere, regardless of location
  • Security and GDPR compliance are guaranteed

Migration of servers to the cloud

  • If you manage your servers on site, then you probably know how resource-intensive and costly this can be
  • As your data volume grows, you also need to keep expanding capacity
  • You no longer need to make any purchases or manage your servers on site
  • You can scale up your storage capacity at any time and only pay for what you need at the time, giving you full flexibility, scalability, and cost transparency
  • 24/7 monitoring gives you protection against outages, whether they are caused by human or natural error, minimising disruption
  • Security and GDPR compliance are guaranteed

Software hosting on the platform of an MSP

  • With software hosting, you can have your application hosted by an MSP on their cloud platform (this is also an IaaS service), but the management of the software remains with you
  • The advantage for you is that you no longer have to worry about purchasing, setting up and maintaining the operating system on which the software is running
  • As the licence holder, you still retain control over your applications
  • You can implement, test, deploy, operate and scale new applications or updates faster and more cost-effectively
  • You pay a fixed monthly fee for the platform and can therefore better calculate your budget planning
  • You never have to worry about inefficient software performance again: If your rented platform needs more computing, storage and network capacity because you acquire new applications, for example, the MSP can scale it up at any time
  • The MSP also protects you from outages thanks to 24/7 monitoring, so interruptions are minimised
  • Security and GDPR compliance are guaranteed

Remote monitoring around the clock and in real time

  • If you want to make your on-site IT infrastructure fail-safe, a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) service can take over the remote monitoring of your servers, network and storage devices
  • In the event of threats or faults, it proactively sends notifications around the clock in real time
  • If possible, issues are also resolved remotely - before they have a negative impact on your business

Possibilities for a more sustainable print and IT infrastructure

  • Audit tools allow you to analyse the energy and consumables consumption of your printer fleet
  • Utilise the energy and resource-saving functions of your printing devices to save electricity, toner, and paper
  • When purchasing new devices, you should also consider remanufactured devices
  • Check whether your cloud provider uses renewable energy in its data centres


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