New Way of Work

Rethink work


Rethink work: A new way to do business

The working environment is changing. And so are we. We are breaking out of old routines and creating space for new ones. Because at Konica Minolta we are convinced that a modern working environment needs new ways of collaborating. This includes flexible working models and digital tools, as well as attractively designed office spaces that offer a sense of well-being and room layouts to meet a wide range of work requirements. Work in a way that best suits you and us. With a great degree of flexibility and individual creative leeway. This is our vision of the new way of working.


Our vision of the new way of working:

  • Mobile working instead of being tied to one physical location
  • The office as a place to meet socially
  • Shared desk principle instead of "my desk"
  • New technologies and digital tools
  • More flexibility and personal responsibility for our people

Mobile working: Work wherever you want

You can already decide where you want to work. Goodbye being tied to one physical location: hello mobile working. This is not a privilege, but our new normal. What matters to us is the results. Whether you work in the office or prefer to work from home, we don't mind. You can flexibly tailor your way of working to your current tasks and needs. Come to the office as often as you like or work from home for the entire week, if your job allows. We trust you to use this freedom responsibly.

A place where you feel comfortable: the office as somewhere to meet socially

We don’t believe there is one ideal place to work. So we’re creating places where our employees like to meet, and which is perfect for the most diverse needs and work requirements. And because your needs can change from day to day and sometimes even from moment to moment, our offices will also have different work zones: from open spaces and collaboration rooms for project groups to a silent corner for tasks you really need to focus on. As a result, we no longer need a fixed desk space. Instead, we have desks that are available for everyone to use. Having a shared desk instead of "my desk" is part of our new working environment. This means you have a place to work in the office whenever you want. It's just not always the same desk.

Technical equipment: Digitalisation that offers you opportunities

One thing is clear: our new way of working together will only be successful if we have the right IT equipment. This starts with hardware and includes equipping offices with state-of-the-art technology and functional collaboration tools. Office 365, MS Teams and digital whiteboards are just a few of the examples we use to collaborate in our day-to-day work. It goes without saying that hardware equipment that is tailored to your requirements is crucial. Because we always have one thing in mind: digitalisation that centres around you as the user and that makes your work easier. The same applies for our customers too. We put "Customer Centricity" into practice both internally and externally.
By the way, you don't have to be an expert familiar with all these tools already. We are continuing to get to grips with new tools and technologies ourselves and are learning on a daily basis. It's important that you don't shy away from technology and that you see digitalisation as an opportunity. Just like we do.

New way of working: Our next steps

A new way of working isn't going to happen overnight. It takes time and good planning. Since the summer of 2021, we have been gradually implementing our new Desk Sharing concept at the Hanover Langenhagen site. The new layout design is being planned. Excited? We are too!
We are also gradually implementing our ideas for the new way of working at our other sites. With plenty of scope for creative leeway and individual solutions. But always with the same result: an attractive working environment that is best suited to you and your way of working.

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