Digital personnel file and contract management

Digital personnel file and contract management

Digital personnel file and contract management

Digital personnel file and contract management for Seeburger

Seeburger Bulgaria is a German software company, market leader and global provider of one of the best integration platforms to help businesses. The company offers business integration solutions that digitise companies' business processes and drive more efficient processes.
Founded 35 years ago in Germany, SEEBURGER ranks today among the top business integration providers and serves thousands of customers in more than 50 countries and 15 industries. Its representative office in Bulgaria was established in 1999 and currently counts on more than 250 employees. The company continues to develop successfully, as evidenced by the many awards and honours received.  

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Thanks to the M-Files platform, which we successfully implemented with our partner Konica Minolta Bulgaria, we gradually optimised the work process for the processing and storage of company contracts and labor legal documents.

Svetlana Bovianski

Procurator, Seeburger Bulgaria


The trend of increasing information chaos in HR departments is noted in more and more companies. HR departments face the lack of an easy and automated documents processing process, which in turn leads to the loss of valuable time for search, drafting, approval, and coordination operations.
Some of the major challenges faced by the HR experts are the successful digitisation of employment contracts. Manual contracts and employees’ files management is a process that requires significant time and resources. This leads to the need of more and more companies to focus on the optimisation of these processes by introducing automated document processing and creating a single centralised system in which information will be stored.

For Seeburger Bulgaria, there were some reasons to contact Konica Minolta with a request for digital employees’ files:
  • Managing and processing paper contracts and documents associated with employees' files, complicates processes and takes valuable time
  • The physical exchange of contracts and documents associated with employees' files leads to a loss of time and courier services costs 
  • Slow and difficult collection of documents from employees 
  • Difficult deadlines tracking 
  • Lack of a clear register and processes transparency leads, inevitably to slow and difficult information search and the possibility of losing documents and important data


Seeburger Bulgaria started its successful partnership with Konica Minolta in 2020, when the company implemented a complete print optimisation solution. In 2022, after demonstrating possibilities of digitising work-flows digitizing possibilities, the company launched a project to automate contract management processes and introduced digital personnel files for its employees, again relying on the Konica Minolta team.
The contract management solution enables the Seeburger Bulgaria team to manage the entire life cycle of each contract more efficiently, reliably, and quickly by increasing traceability and eliminating the manual processing of documents. The company has managed to significantly reduce the costs incurred by using courier services to paper documents. An interactive digital archive has been developed in order to achieve fast and easy access to all documents and information for employees working in teams and/or remotely.
Seeburger Bulgaria introduced digital personnel files for its employees, which considerably facilitates the process of documents signing and exchanging between both parties. This decision provided other benefits, such as: easy addition of new documents to a file, automatic updating of information on employees when their employment conditions change, automatic creation of documents, including amendments made to them, etc. 
By integrating the M-Files platform with the Evrotrust’s qualified electronic signature, documents can be signed electronically by any employee, over the phone.  


The main benefits for Seeburger Bulgaria are as follows:
  • Minimisation of document processing time and courier services costs
  • Minimisation of the risk of document loss, always working with up-to-date document versions, and automatic system information updating
  • Minimisation of manual document processing and errors
  • Secure digital archive, allowing easy and fast documents search and sharing
  • Digital coordination process with clear responsibilities and deadlines 
  • The easy, fast and secure electronic signature option

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