Improved business operations with video solution services

Improved business operations with video solution services

Improved business operations with video solution services

GSTech deploys Konica Minolta's Mobotix video solutions for perimeter security and temperature monitoring in its process furnaces

GSTech is a trusted supplier of machined and density tested aluminum castings. In 2015, the company launched its business operations on the Bulgarian market, offering services related to aluminium processing, complete machine production, casting, production of welded parts, and mechanical engineering in the field of electrical energy transmission and measurement, and railway transport parts. 

The company has many years of experience in this field, which allows it to meet the needs of its clients by providing high-quality products and services. The company continues its successful development, as in 2022 GSTech has launched a facilities relocation project. This is one of the reasons why the company contacted Konica Minolta Bulgaria and considered the smart video surveillance deployment options and now deploys Konica Minolta's Mobotix video solutions for perimeter security and temperature monitoring in its process furnaces.

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When designing our new high-tech aluminium alloy items production plant, we, the management of GSTech Bulgaria, set ourselves the goal to work only with proven partners who are leaders in their respective business field. This goal made our selection of a reliable video surveillance supplier much easier – Konica Minolta is not only a technology leader with an impeccable reputation, but their team also demonstrates unsurpassed levels of commitment and customer service.

Valentin Butsev

Managing Director, GSTech Bulgaria LTD, Bulgaria


Some of the main challenges GSTech is facing are as follows:
  • Lack of reliable perimeter security and threats monitoring
  • Lack of notification in case of trespassing by unauthorised persons
  • Lack of constant company furnaces working process temperature release control


Early diagnostics of potential production threats and strict perimeter security are essential for the business. They are among the reasons why GSTech contacted Konica Minolta and sought a perimeter security solution and production furnaces temperature monitoring thermal solution. MOBOTIX cameras have been used for the project implementation.
Perimeter security
Konica Minolta's GSTech perimeter security solution is built with M73 cameras of the latest 7 series. As a result of an on-site inspection and analysis of the needs, the client was offered a solution enabling the monitoring of the entire outer perimeter of the building that houses the production facilities. The system covers the entire territory of the site, while it enables access control and working hours reporting.
Thermal solution
GSTech deploys an innovative aluminium smelting furnaces and casting areas thermal video surveillance system. Thanks to the camera embedded software, it is possible to monitor up to 20 zones with different permissible temperature ranges.
The purpose of the thermal solution is to provide a pre-emptive alarm in case a furnace, workstation, and casting mould have deviated from the optimal operating temperature. This approach increases significantly performance and reliability, and minimises the risk of accidents or equipment damage.
Due to the system nature and scale, an integration of a Luxriot video management system is also provided for the purpose of centralisation and organised storage and access to recordings.


Thermal solution:
  • Precise furnaces temperature measurement
  • Ensuring business continuity and a safe work environment
  • The thermal camera operates 24/7, providing a safe and reliable way to track furnace temperatures with no human intervention
  • The camera sends an immediate notification in case of detected anomalies
Perimeter security and access control:
  • Prevention of threats and unauthorised access in the area
  • Analysis of the behaviour of people around the perimeter
  • Working hours reporting