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Effective security for a building, campus, facility or other area — and the people and things in it — starts with protecting the perimeter. Unless you know who's entering, moving around and leaving your property or premises, you can't ensure that people and assets are safe and secure.

A video security system that enables perimeter monitoring will provide that important first level of security. But you need to be sure your system is reliable and state of the art; able to provide the accuracy and detail you need; and designed to prevent false alarms. Your solution should work under any weather conditions. It should be intelligent enough to tell the difference between a potential intruder and a passing animal. And it should provide you with excellent quality images, even in poor light.

Konica Minolta designs and delivers intelligent IP video security solutions for perimeter protection based on our smart Mobotix video security cameras. Mobotix cameras:
  • Provide sharp, high-quality images regardless of the weather and light levels
  • Store data themselves, so can automate actions (such as opening gates to authorised vehicles or triggering alarms) with no need for centralised recording or storage systems
  • Are powered by standard Power over Ethernet (PoE), requiring only 4–5 watts
  • Incorporate an intuitive solution for you to manage and analyse video and control your cameras

Customer benefits

We work with you to understand your requirements and create the video protection solution that meets the security needs of your organisation. Following installation of your perimeter protection solution, we use remote services to monitor and maintain it to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation.

As well as protecting the perimeter, your solution could be extended to provide additional protection and detection capabilities. For example, it could cover indoor locations (such as a stock room), or monitor a process (such as items moving along a conveyor belt). Beyond providing real-time video surveillance, your solution will record and store video footage that can be reviewed and analysed later if an event needs to be investigated, or evidence is required.
A wide range of customers rely on our perimeter protection solutions — from retailersindustrial complexes and logistics centres to a fishing port and a ski flying arena.

Benefits of our Perimeter Protection solution

Rugged cameras that withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures

Minimal maintenance requirements — the cameras don't need cooling or heating and have no moving parts

Discreet monitoring of a large area with no blind spots means fewer cameras are needed

Secure solutions, with end-to-end encryption of transmitted data and protection of cameras against cyberattacks

Moonlight sensors and thermal imaging capability enable monitoring in complete darkness

Why Konica Minolta for Video Solution Service

Konica Minoltas intelligent video system can solve problems in all areas: Ensuring safety in a factory unit, registering vehicles to detecting movement, communicating with the network or triggering alarms if necessary. The solution also allows you to analyse the customer behaviour while shopping, count every person in the entrance hall or help within a health clinic by being a real nurse’s assistant 24/7. Thanks to Konica Minoltas unique video solution technology and their services, a holistic security concept for every business has been developed, to make the invisible visible.

Surveillance Security Infographic

Our thermal solutions are the key to protecting assets and avoiding dangerous situations, by allowing you to see the unknown. With thermal images, threats can be detected early. See the invisible

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Next Generation Perimeter Security with Reliable Alarm Management

The integrated solution of MOBOTIX Thermal and Video technology significantly reduces false alarms and will define the future of perimeter security.

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Video Security use case

Modern video surveillance cameras provide more than just burglary protection. They help with documentation, regulate access or monitor production facilities. Even a large industrial company relies on video security services from Konica Minolta and benefits from the advantages of modern IP video surveillance systems.

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Your Security Is Our Mission

Professional Video Security Solutions For Small And Medium-Sized Companies

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Rohde & Schwarz: Comprehensive site security through intelligent video solutions

At Rohde & Schwarz in the Czech Republic, more than 870 employees work in 5 production halls with a total area of 40,500 square metres. The company manufactures a wide range of products that are at the top of fields of land, sea and air communications and radio monitoring. They also work on image and sound processing systems and tools for the field of measuring technology. The biggest challenge of Rohde & Schwarz was a comprehensive site security. Konica Minolta's Video Solutions Services with the intelligent Mobotix camera system are used in several areas at once