Driving success through relationship management in the automotive industry


Don’t lose sight of the people in the ocean of data and information


Long-lasting relationships between customers and dealers are the basis for long-term business success for the automotive industry in particular. However, efficiently managing these relationships, which include a wide variety of business processes and aggregated data and information, can be very complex, time-consuming and error-prone when done manually.

Customers are individual and so should be the CRM solution to manage them

Konica Minolta helps automotive dealerships to achieve a new level of efficiency by providing a holistic solution for customer relationship management.

Your personal solution to help you stay personal

Konica Minolta’s goal with this solution is to offer a system that enables most effective work with customers, offering support for showroom and vendor management to simplify marketing activities. As it is based on future-ready Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, the open system integrates seamlessly into other existing ERP or automotive DMS systems and applications, while providing an ecosystem that complies with current data protection regulations such as the GDPR. This open platform approach directly addresses specific requirements from dealerships and help them develop and implement their personal solutions with minimal development and management cost.

The automotive CRM solutions combine mobile cloud and global functionalities within one package. This includes lead management, opportunity management, a 360-degree view of contacts, satisfaction surveys and complaint handling, trade-in handling, marketing and integrated analytics.

With lead management you can analyse the structure and sources of incoming leads to then translate this information into a targeted marketing strategy. Opportunity management helps you to match customer interest with actual products to arrange and manage test drives or keep track of further future opportunities. A seamless and detailed vehicle search through the same system based on all available options and models directly ties into this. Opportunities can be followed up on through sales contract management won. The system allows vehicle handover, financing and future vehicle replacement to be organised. Trade-in handling can be also managed through Konica Minolta’s solution. It helps to keep track of business decisions made with the customers and assists in recording the present stage of trade-in process.

Most importantly, however, Konica Minolta’s automotive CRM solutions help to build a 360-degree view of your contacts and their data. It gives a holistic insight into information like hobbies, driving license details, vehicle history and all previous and planned activities in an intuitive timeline view that shows future opportunities for sales and service transactions.

Additionally, all information can be easily clustered through individually designed dashboards and reporting, including, for example, lead management, sales pipeline and sales funnel analysis, revenue forecast, controlling of sales activities and other KPIs such as conversion rate.


Sustainability in the cloud

To reduce the environmental impact of its data centres, Microsoft has set itself a number of goals, which it intends to achieve over time using a variety of measures. Among them:

  • By 2025, Microsoft expects to power its data centres with 100% additional, new renewable energy generation that matches its electricity consumption on an annual basis.

  • By 2030, Microsoft will achieve 90% diversion of operational waste at data centres. Four of its data centres are already zero waste certified: Dublin in Ireland; and San Antonio, Quincy and Boydton in the US.

  • Data centre cooling operations consume a lot of water. By 2024, Microsoft will reduce water waste in its data centre operations by 95%.

  • Cement accounts for around 8% of global emissions. Microsoft is reducing how much cement it uses in its data centres by opting for 56-day rather than 28-day cure times.

In Europe, the Microsoft data centre in Sweden is the most advanced in terms of sustainability features:

  • It uses 100% carbon-free energy.

  • A 24/7 hourly energy matching is done.

  • It captures rainwater.

  • It is cooled with outside air only.

  • It is one of the first sites to use lower-carbon renewable fuel for backup power — Preem Evolution Diesel Plus. This is the world's first Nordic Eco-labelled diesel and nearly an equivalent reduction in net CO2 emissions compared with standard fossil diesel blends. In general, Microsoft is committed to being diesel free by 2030.

To learn more about Konica Minolta’s approach to sustainability, visit our sustainability webpages.


Managing automotive customer relations effectively in the digital age

Invelt is one of the largest car dealerships operating in the Czech Republic. For them, as for any organisation in car sales, one element is more important than anything else for their success: the relationship with customers. This is the core of their business. Hence, improving interaction processes and finding new digital ways in which technology can support this development were high on Invelt’s organisational agenda.

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BMW Mini Invelt photo of entrance area


Axess is the second largest automobile dealership for new and used motor
vehicles in Mauritius. Because its existing CRM system could no longer meet today's demands posed by digital channels, Axess chose Automotive CRM from Konica Minolta and was able to make its marketing and sales activities more efficient. It also helped increase  customer satisfaction by providing services that are more personal, reliable, and faster.

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Your advantages

Your advantages
  • The CRM-solution for the automotive sector: 360-degree customer overview and a variety of possible notifications to stay on track and on schedule
  • Easy usage: intuitive and individually customisable user-interface
  • Extendable with other Microsoft applications and integrated system support with the Microsoft power platform, while compatible with a vast variety of devices

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