Remote by default: Konica Minolta introduces upgrades and new components for its comprehensive remote services

| 26 January 2021

Konica Minolta has announced the availability of its next generation Remote Support that will be introduced to Konica Minolta clients successively over the next few months. Listening intensively to the demands of its clients, the company, winner of the BLI PaceSetter Award for Serviceability and Support 2020-2021 in Western Europe, has upgraded its value delivery to the next level by fully utilizing their proprietary remote technologies, platforms, infrastructure and related services.

Pursuing a customer-centric approach, Konica Minolta always focuses on the needs of its users for its products and services. This also goes for solving issues and providing support. The IT specialist empowers its customers to help them solve problems quicker and more efficiently by using innovative tools, training methods and remote support.

With many decades of experience in managing more than 730,000 of its multifunctional products remotely through CS Remote Care, Konica Minolta is enriching the remote services by utilizing its “Konica Minolta Gateway”, securely connecting the different technologies into the Konica Minolta backend in its own European data centre.

“One of the introduced technologies is our Remote Service Platform, which allows remote firmware updates by attended as well as unattended access. Our multifunction products combine multiple input, output and communication features which we are constantly evolving. Connected Systems to our Remote Service platform will receive these value additions through the next update automatically. Managing high IT security standards is also one of our focus points, up-to-date products are ensured to receive vulnerability fixes and data protection.”

Konica Minolta has recently introduced many innovations to the market that support remote services of any kind – from Remote Desktop Support, over our production printing virtual showroom and online product trainings via our free i-Training platform to its enhanced video/audio support remote assistant, AIRe Link. AIRe Link enables companies to identify or solve problems on their print devices themselves while being supported by Konica Minolta remotely. More than 1,000 on-site customer visits were saved across Europe during the first four months of internal pilot usage.

“We are looking forward to rolling ‘Konica Minolta Gateway’ out to our existing customer base as well as to implementing it as a standard with new clients”, Ziemann concludes. “Our strategy of empowering our customers for self-help while maintaining our customer focus with remote counselling and online trainings has proven to be the right approach and this is just the next logical step.”

For more information on remote monitoring management, please read here

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In times of Covid-19 a limited physical contact is becoming a necessity to protect our clients and our employees. Our technology offers so many opportunities to deliver services remotely. We expect that companies all over the world will find new ways of working even after the pandemic where this instant and fast support accessibility will show its true power and we are happy to support their business and new digital workplace environment.

Andre Ziemann

General Manager of Service & Support Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe