Konica Minolta named a Major Player in IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Security Solutions and Services Hardcopy

Konica Minolta has been named a “Major Player” in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Security Solutions and Services Hardcopy. The report notes Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Connected Workplace business philosophy as a key strength in the company’s offerings. The MarketScape report states, “[Konica Minolta] takes a holistic view of security and includes print assets within the construct of an overall view of IT security.” It also notes companies should consider Konica Minolta because, “Konica Minolta's vision for the Intelligent Connected Workplace provides a solid foundation for those organisations looking to implement security as part of a modernised approach for print and document infrastructure.” In addition, the report notes “Konica Minolta should also be on the short list of vendors for those companies looking to implement globalised services with consistency across multiple geographic locations."


Introducing "The Hacker"

Over the course of 80+ hours, multiple efforts were made to access the operating system of Konica Minolta's MFPs by trained experts at NTT Data, an internationally respected IT services provider. All attempts to extract data failed, with the MFPs maintaining the privacy and integrity of the stored information!

Groenhuysen Foundation success story

The Groenhuysen foundation is a care provider in the Dutch Roosendaal region. They offer services predominantly for elderly customers, from convenience and comfort to intensive care, both in the form of home care as well as in their excellent care facilities. Around 2,300 employees and an additional 1,300 volunteers are committed to the everyday needs and the wellbeing of Groenhuysen’s 4,000 customers. When it came to upgrading their MFP to ensure sensitive data is protected in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Groenhuysen relied on the support of its long-term partner Konica Minolta and decided for bizhub SECURE.

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Groenhuysen central office in Stichting

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Our 360° security approach

As an innovative digital workplace provider and partner, Konica Minolta offers an all-round 360-degree security concept covering all relevant fields, from IT security and information security consulting, through to security for multifunctional printing devices (MFPs) and printers, and video surveillance. 

IT Security

IT environments are becoming more complex, borders are disappearing and the possibility of coming under attack is increasing. As it becomes clear that technology alone no longer provides an adequate level of protection, and interaction between people, processes and technology is becoming more necessary than ever, we work together with you to develop a strategic approach designed to give you added value, transparency, sustainability and amazing speed of response.

Information Security Consulting

The requirements of companies nowadays are becoming more demanding every year when measured in information security and data protection terms. The use of state-of-the-art IT security measures has also been incorporated into European laws, most notably the General Data Protection Regulation  or GDPR last year, and information security has become a major topic of concern for customers in all industries over the past decade. Konica Minolta is consulting clients all over the world with regards to Information Security related challenges.

Printer Device Security

Today’s multifunctional printers (MFPs) can not “only” print, copy, fax and scan documents, but also save their users time and increase productivity enormously in a wide range of different ways. Increasingly, however, MFPs are becoming the focus of hacker attacks, which are increasing in number and becoming more sophisticated. These often involve the use of entry gates previously unknown by companies in their security concepts – such as MFPs. Thus, it is hugely important to take MFPs into account when viewing your company’s security strategy.

Safety & Security by Video Solutions

Video surveillance, security cameras or CCTV solutions have traditionally played a role in helping organisations secure a perimeter or property, allow access by authorised individuals only, or maintain a safe workplace. Konica Minolta's intelligent video analytics solutions rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and smart IoT-based Mobotix video cameras to process camera images and video immediately, enabling automated analysis, detection and alerting in real time that helps keep people, places and assets safer.

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