We will never miss a vat refund again

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We will never miss a vat refund again

We will never miss a vat refund again

With over 40 diff erent locations in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, invoice processing at WerkPro did not always run smoothly. Since the employment organization and charity switched to Konica Minolta's system for the digital processing of incoming invoices, the entire process has become more effi cient and – not insignifi cantly – the organization is no longer missing any VAT refunds. "The invoice throughput times have improved one-hundred percent," says Support Service Team Leader Richard Pronk.

Every day, over 220 employees at WerkPro dedicate themselves to supporting between 800 and 900 people who are temporarily (or permanently) unable to fi nd work on the regular labor market themselves. "Firstly, we off er reintegration programs which are designed to help people fi nd regular employment. Secondly, we look after people with disabilities or illnesses, for whom it is diffi cult or even impossible to pursue a normal career," explains Pronk.

Different locations and budget managers

WerkPro's operations are conducted commercially by small companies offering goods and services. "For example, here in Groningen we run a chain of charity shops where people can gain experience working in logistics, at the checkout or in the stockroom. Furthermore, we also run a hostel and manufacture bike racks, as well as having a carpentry and metalworking shop, where rustic furniture and stoves are manufactured."

Prompt invoice processing

In its search for an automated invoice processing solution, WerkPro finally came across Konica Minolta. "Their invoicing solution is perfect for the office systems they have provided to WerkPro since 2008. Moreover, the solution was within our budget. As a foundation, we ultimately do not have very much money." According to Pronk, the web-based application has acceleratedinvoice processing enormously: "Invoices are sent to the Finance department at our head office. An employee scans the invoice and – thanks to the OCR software in the Konica Minolta systems – the invoice data and the account are imported directly into the application. Depending on the account, the relevant budget managers are notified that they have received an invoice. Once they have signed off the invoice, it is automatically forwarded to the ERP environment – which in our case is Exact Globe."

Efficient processes

Pronk expresses his satisfaction with Konica Minolta's solution for digital processing of incoming invoices – and he is not the only one. "As an organization, our level of efficiency has improved considerably. We now always have direct insight into the processes, invoices are signed off by the correct people and – last but not least – we aren't missing VAT refunds anymore!"


Efficient invoice processing, clearer processes


Integration of an ECM system for digital processing of invoices


Clear process structures and efficient digital processing of incoming invoices

Richard Pronk
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As an organization, our level of efficiency has improved considerably

Richard Pronk

Support Service Team Leader, WerkPro