Secure and efficient document management

Secure and efficient document management

Secure and efficient document management

Digitalisation strategy of vista bank romania

Vista Bank has been present on the Romanian banking market since 1998, being formerly known as Marfin Bank. Through its 31 branches network, the bank addresses medium and large corporate clients, as well as individuals, with an attractive offer of modern, tailor-made financial products.

In July 2018, the bank was acquired by a new shareholder, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Southeastern Europe, and starting May 2019, following a rebranding process, became Vista Bank.

The last few years have brought important changes for the bank, both for the benefit of its customers and employees. Vista Bank has adopted an accelerated growth strategy and a new customer-centric business model, investing in digitalisation and designing a new generation of products and services, thus consolidating its presence in the local banking market.

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Regarding our financial activity, the operations that we carry out daily both at the headquarters and in our branches, involve a very large volume of physical documents. Before the implementation of the Document Management and Digital Mailroom solution, with the support of the Konica Minolta team, working with physical documents was often expensive and we had to allocate a lot of time and resources for their careful management. Since we use the new software application, the traceability of the new records, the identification of responsible persons and the deadlines are easier to manage. Now we have more time to focus on the most important things: the requirements of our customers!

Izabel Niță

Administrative Director, Vista Bank Romania

Purpose and context of the project

Given the technological development of the last decade, digitalisation has become a natural path and a priority in the process of transformation and
evolution of companies. The increase in the number of documents and the volume of information, as well as the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, have grown the need to implement high-performance software systems to support operational efficiency and enable tasks to be performed successfully in a shorter period of time, while the employees are being able to manage documents remotely and securely.

The banking system is an extremely competitive environment in which customers’ financial resources must be managed as carefully and efficiently as possible. In this context, the performance of the services provided by financial institutions is also related to the use of advanced software solutions, which support the financing of as many projects as possible.



Following a good collaboration between Konica Minolta and Vista Bank Romania, the challenge addressed by the bank for the implementation of a Document Management software solution was accepted by Konica Minolta. It all started with the requirements analysis stage, then the most appropriate solution was drawn. Subsequently, followed the process of developing and installing the solution, the testing and staff training being the last steps before the “go live”.


  • Large number of records day by day
  • Difficult search of documents
  • Long processing time of documents and physical presence required at the office
  • Confidentiality of documents and information


  • The implementation of Document Management and Digital Mailroom solution that facilitates working from home
  • Fast remote document access and collaboration
  • Document scanning workflow from Konica Minolta MPFs, directly in the Digital Mailroom solution
  • Relationship between different types of documents for easier retrieval of information
  • Integration with the courier solution and AWB management


  • Secure access to information depending on each user’s access rights
  • Degree of confidentiality adapted to the types of processed documents
  • 50% reduction in document processing time
  • Automatic notifications for new system registrations
  • Cost reduction for creating and managing the documents
  • Specific reports with weekly entries for each department