Optimising document workflows

Optimising document workflows

Optimising document workflows

“Gheorghe Asachi” technical university of Iași

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași, known also as TUIASI, is among the oldest and best-known higher education institutions in Romania and is classified as an advanced research and education university.

As one of the higher education institutions in Romania with a tradition of almost two centuries in engineering, scientific and cultural education, the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași is also a symbol of innovation, 65% of the Romanian patents of the last 10 years being related to this educational institution.

  • 2nd place in the ranking of technical universities in Romania
  • 3rd place in the research ranking at national level
  • 6th place in the overall ranking of the Romanian universities
  • 11 faculties and 21 departments

"The large volume of documents entering/leaving the university is increasing and the coordination, correlation and administration of information and data from these documents make the management of the information system a priority for the progress and managerial performance of the university.

The partnership with Konica Minolta was the start of the process of debureaucratisation and digitalisation of documents’ workflows in all our organisational structures of the university, so as to achieve the goal of becoming the first “paperless” university in Romania, which will remove
manual signatures from all documents of the institution, being replaced by electronic signatures.

The implementation of the digital archiving solution has streamlined the document registration procedure within our institution, and currently the application is used intensively by our employees who have received training and ongoing support from the Konica Minolta team. In the future, we want to acquire other document management solutions, so that TUIASI becomes the first university in which all documents’ workflows are completely digitised."

Prof. univ. dr. ing. Dumitru-Marcel Istrate
Vice-Rector for Resource Management


The purpose and context of the project

The registry is the central point of management for all the documents entering and leaving the institution. In this context, the main goal of the project was to lay the foundations of a “paperless” environment in the university.

The management of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași aimed to implement a digital solution through which the registration activity within the institution would involve as fewer manual processes as possible.

Digitalisation of the internal workflows

The large volume of documents in the university, the complex workflow of each document, as well as the challenges posed by the pandemic context have increased the need for a digital archiving solution.


  • The registration of documents in a single entry/exit point, through a centralised registry from several university premises
  • The scan of the registered documents to form an archive
  • The traceability of registered documents;
  • The unitary backup of of the registered documents
  • The electronic storage of records and all registered documents
  • The centralised storage of all registered documents

Facts and figures

  • 1 centralised registry for 32 points of the university
  • Over 50,000 entries during a calendar year
  • 27 registrars and 138 users
  • Almost 40,000 archived documents with registration numbers.


  • Volume of documents and large number of users
  • The pandemic, which forced rapid digitisation
  • Respecting the working rules specific to the university environment
  • The need to create and manage multiple sub-registries with different specifics


The implementation of a digital archiving solution based on ELO professional platform which ensures:
  • Distribution of documents to the responsible persons or departments, easy management and search by indexes or words from the content of the documents
  • Digitised workflows for all types of documents, in the pandemic context
  • Coordination and correlation of information and data in documents to increase efficiency and confidentiality
  • Registration of incoming and outgoing documents, with the possibility of automatically granting registration numbers, reservation of registration numbers for unforeseen situations


  • Easy access to all documents registered in the solution
  • Easy search of documents according to the information entered in the registration process (number, date, petitioner, observations, etc.)
  • Assigning access rights to recipient addresses/users
  • Structured organisation of documents from the Registry or any other sources, with preview of documents
  • Export of the registered documents to Excel and history of users’ actions