Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub secures Lauralba

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Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub secures Lauralba

Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub secures Lauralba

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At the end of a steady growth period, LAURALBA Conseil had hit a wall. The company needed to bolster its IT security in order to remain compliant for the tasks entrusted to it by its clients. The projects undertaken by LAURALBA Conseil affect the strategic core of the organisations with which it works. The projects are confidential in nature and require a high level of security. A demonstration of the Workplace Hub convinced the IT services company to collaborate further with Konica Minolta.


The CEO of LAURALBA Conseil herself, Stéphanie Ragu, led the project.

“By outsourcing my IT services, I was aiming to find a threefold solution:

  • To implement a structure that ensured that traceability, compliance and security could be easily documented.
  • To improve the workings of my business, with a view to achieving seamless relationships and collaborative efforts, as well as facilitating the integration of new employees.
  • To comply with all aspects of the GDPR.”


A trusted managed IT partner providing rapid and continous support to ensure continual operations

  • Consolidated vendor solution across IT hardware, infrastructure and support
  • One bill, one number to call for support
  • Strong IT foundation for growth with well-designed hardware, user interfaces, dashboards and service support
  • All data is protected and securely stored
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"While moving to a single-platform approach reflects the way our personal applications are managed, our teams still had to get used to a new architectural structure. Right from the start of the change, I sensed the commitment of Konica Minolta’s teams. And now that the Workplace Hub is up and running, we truly appreciate the speed with which our questions and potential problems are managed. We are looking at ways to speed up our operations, and the reliability of our shared IT system is a prerequisite for our continued growth."

Stéphanie Ragu

CEO, LAURALBA Conseil, France



LAURALBA Conseil’s Workplace Hub offers a single interface for archiving, accessing, sharing and enhancing all of the company’s data.

The dashboard controls access to the Microsoft Office software, the antivirus software, messaging, WiFi availability, and storage and backup capabilities. While most of the IT services staff are at the client’s disposal and carry out their duties on-site, their secure access to the LAURALBA Conseil IT system ensures project consistency and compliance with corporate best practices. Virtual workstations also allow for remote working with full traceability and protection.




IT services company/Provision of IT staff to overhaul corporate IT systems


Aix-en-Provence, France


90 employees, 10 of whom are office-based