Comprehensive security on the premises and remote monitoring of production with MOBOTIX

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Comprehensive security on the premises and remote monitoring of production with MOBOTIX

Comprehensive security on the premises and remote monitoring of production with MOBOTIX

Located in Éloyes, Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing France S.A.S. is a perfect example of the efficient contemporary model of manufacturing. Serving for more than 25 years as the production facility for toner bottle filling for the company’s multi-function printer (MFP) range, it employs 69 staff working 24 hours a day across three shifts. To ensure this, all processes and product streams need to work hand in hand. However, security breaches and thefts on the premises can lead to disruptions that can escalate into bigger challenges, which is why taking a proactive stance to ensuring security is key. MOBOTIX supplied a comprehensive monitoring solution that not only addresses external premises protection, but also goes “beyond security”: it enables remote monitoring of the production line for optimisation.

Working with MOBOTIX for a secure, productive environment

In the past, Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing France S.A.S. had experienced thefts from its premises on several occasions. The need for improved on-site security was the initial driver for a new, efficient and effective solution for video surveillance at the facility. Beside the topic of security, the company was seeking opportunities for incremental improvements in its production lines as well: issues needed to be identified and addressed rapidly. There is always scope for continuous improvement; this is a philosophy that’s deeply embedded into the company’s culture. As a result, Konica Minolta wished to take a more active role in monitoring the production line to help implement and facilitate ongoing improvements by enabling remote monitoring from its production headquarter (HQ) in Japan.

Konica Minolta approached MOBOTIX solutions to provide a comprehensive solution in three stages: initially focusing on production monitoring, and then in two further phases to enhance site security. Describing the decision to choose MOBOTIX, Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing’s Human Resources and Service Division Manager, Didier Gruhier, explained:

“We chose the MOBOTIX solution due to the ease of installation of the camera into the production line. It offered a plug & play solution that could be integrated into the existing IP network without the requirement to install an additional special server for management. We also appreciated that MOBOTIX cameras are able to store the images and only send the required images to the central storage to help conserve bandwidth. Last but not least, video data is also saved on the camera’s SD card, ensuring that it stays effective even in the event of a network failure.”

MOBOTIX also impressed with the exceptional combination of sophisticated design and uncompromised reliability as well as the quality offered by its cameras. Operationally, MOBOTIX was able to set up and deliver a cost-effective, decentralised and scalable solution that could be expanded – virtually without limits – to ensure long-term investment security.

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From production line to external security

Starting in October 2016, the first phase of the implementation focused on efficiency and business continuity by adding monitoring capabilities to the highest risk areas of the production line. MOBOTIX’s discreet S15 cameras were installed at the points in the production line where potential disruptions could have the greatest impact. The S15’s design made it ideal in this context, as its sensor modules can be installed up to three metres away from the camera core for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The successful installation enabled the production HQ in Japan to monitor the production status at the French site in real time. 

Didier Gruhier
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We have achieved our objectives of implementing a robust security and monitoring capability at our site

Didier Gruhier

Human Resources and Service Division Manager, Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing France S.A.S.

Following the success of this initial project, Konica Minolta commenced phase two in February 2017 to add surveillance to the delivery dock area of the facility that had been impacted by thefts in the past. The professional outdoor dual lens M15 camera, DualDome D15 and M15 Thermal cameras, were installed to provide high-resolution day and night monitoring. The M15 Thermal camera in particular, which offers the ability to capture thermal radiation of both objects and persons, provides images even in complete darkness.

In June 2017, the third phase of the project added a comprehensive security solution for the entirety of the site exterior. Several sets of high-performance M25 dome cameras and D15 were installed alongside a V25 camera system. Protected by a stainless-steel ring and reinforced dome, this vandalismproof set added an incredibly durable surveillance solution. Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing France S.A.S. today has achieved its objectives of implementing a robust security and monitoring capability at the Éloyes site. The MOBOTIX cameras are in operation and perform flawlessly.

Building a more dynamic business 

Konica Minolta is now planning to expand the MOBOTIX solution by utilising its integrated intelligence – “Beyond Security” – to help to further increase productivity and efficiency. The company has identified opportunities such as monitoring the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGVs) used on the production line and to provide automatic alerts to their central monitoring centre, teams on the ground and the Building Maintenance Manager in case of particular events occurring. This system is also in line with data protection regulations, as even if people are recorded with the thermal cameras, they cannot be identified through these particular images. 

In the next step, Konica Minolta wants to use the intelligence of these devices to be able to proactively address potential problems before they arise and be able to intervene faster in case an issue occurs. In a further phase, the aim is to provide real-time access to video from smartphones or computers to the right individuals, offering greater insight and accelerating decision-making. 

MOBOTIX therefore not only helps Konica Minolta make business more secure, but also more dynamic, intelligence-driven and responsive.