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Optimized Print Services

Optimized Print Services

The Hungarian National Police is one of the largest institutions in the Republic of Hungary, with approximately for public safety throughout the country. Founded in 1991, the Hungarian police perform tasks that include protecting public order and security and protecting and controlling the state border. Its internal department ORFK DA GEI is responsible for tasks related to financial, economic and logistical operations in the counties of Bács-Kiskun, Békés and Csongrád.

OPS has three implementation phases. The first is OPS Consult, in which Konica Minolta analyses and identifies the customer’s environment in order then to propose the best solution. OPS Consult is followed by OPS Implement and OPS Manage.

Customer’s current situation/challenge

Before contacting Konica Minolta to modernise ORFK DA GEI’s print output management infrastructure, the organisation‘s fleet consisted of about 900 devices from various vendors and more than 3,250 PC workstations. With separate operation of copiers, printers and fax machines, the costs became quite unmanageable for ORFK DA GEI. The organisation had no idea what its total monthly print volume was and, lacking a proper print management solution, could not manage its infrastructure in the way it wanted to.

Success summary

Konica Minolta set up a new output infrastructure with less hardware, 170 MFPs and 30 printers that can now be controlled and managed more easily by the local IT team, helping to reduce running costs dramatically. With the installation of the SafeQ system, ORFK DA GEI now benefits from increased security when printing confidential documents and can use the system’s powerful reporting functions. Konica Minolta also provided a fax server, making the further use of fax machines obsolete and streamlining connected workflows. All A3 MFPs were equipped with the CS Remote Care system, leaving internal staff with more time for other jobs and helping to achieve a better uptime ratio for the devices.

OPS Consult

In a first step, Konica Minolta set up an OPS consultation meeting with the customer to better understand and analyse the current situation and specific challenges at ORFK DA GEI. Konica Minolta then interviewed employees at ORFK DA GEI to find out more about how the existing fleet was used and how it could best be restructured. In addition, the project team took into consideration all avail­able data provided by ORFK DA GEI and Konica Minolta’s database. The results of the analysis revealed optimisation potential that Konica Minolta actioned by making sugges­tions for an optimised fleet with suitable solutions and cost comparisons for the customer.

OPS Implement

Implementation of the new fleet took no longer than one month. Following a strict implementation plan, the project team rolled out the new infrastructure in three phases, one for each of the counties included in the project, while ensuring that employees’ work was not affected by the rollout.

OPS Manage

OPS Manage uses different indicators and metrics to increase efficiency in the customer’s output environment. A critical success factor for ORFK DA GEI was the uptime ratio. Using CS Remote Care, it is possible to get a constant response from the A3 MFPs. In addition, the eCon solution helps monitor the entire device fleet and thereby ensure a swift response in the event of an incident. eCon helps to identify overused and underused machines and to keep the fleet flexible by rolling out new devices or taking back unused machines as necessary. For continuous infrastructure improvement Konica Minolta will follow up with an OPS consultation twice a year.

OPS Customer’s comment

“The reduction and modernisation of our printer fleet has led to significant cost savings. We are now working with modern machines, connected solutions and services that guarantee safe and uninterrupted operation of the entire output infrastruc­ture,” said Peter Toth, Head of IT at ORFK DA GEI. “Thanks to Konica Minolta’s support, my IT group has less work with the maintenance of office devices and the colleagues working with the new machines benefit from new functions that make their everyday work easier.”