Intelligent information management system M-Files helps FRIGO STAHL to accelerate its projects

Headquartered in Greece’s northern city of Thessaloniki, with a footprint across the Balkan region, FRIGO STAHL is one of the country’s foremost players in the construction industry and specialises in a complete range of turnkey projects, commercial and industrial construction, steel structure manufacturing, and building material distribution with 25 years of experience.

Since the company’s establishment in 1998, it has developed more than 300 complex and large-scale construction projects for over 100 satisfied customers across the Greek territory, Southeastern Europe, and Northern Africa leveraging its subsidiaries in Cyprus and Romania. Having successfully designed, built, and delivered custom mechanical and refrigeration installations to the vast majority of blue-chip companies within Greece’s food industry, FRIGO STAHL is widely regarded the #1 player within this space with a market share between 70 and 80%.

The former manual document process of FRIGO STAHL was inefficient and timeconsuming. Thus, the company decided to use the intelligent M-Files information management system expertly implemented by Konica Minolta. This accelerated the management of projects and helped FRIGO STAHL in becoming a faster and more agile organisation that is supported in securing its market-leading position.

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The cloud solution that Konica Minolta implemented has been a game-changer for our business. M-Files solution provided a new intelligent way of managing and checking documents by providing easy access and quick sorting of all our data allowing us to conclude quicker and more accurate to the right answer. It is the right tool to let us focus on what really matters in our organization.


Before: Inefficient and time-consuming manual document process

Due to its core business, FRIGO STAHL has to deal with a multitude of information on a daily basis. From quotation documents to invoices and service contracts between suppliers and partners, it is important that each file is assigned to the right project. But the number of documents was growing exponentially within the company and relevant information was difficult to find. The previous manual document process was inefficient and time-consuming. Thus, a new way to handle and manage documents was essential and FRIGO STAHL was looking for an intelligent information management system. The goal was to have documents on responsible persons and suppliers stored in electronic folders that could be easily accessed.

After: Accelerated management of projects

The new solution, based on M-Files’ intelligent information management, has been implemented to centralise all documents in a single and secure repository. All project-related documents can be archived and retrieved instantly without users having to know the exact location of each document. This new smart way of managing documents helped the company to speed up the management of projects, as users no longer waste valuable time searching for the right document. The solution also helped FRIGO STAHL comply with various regulations and industry standards by making all documentation easy to track and audit. Finally, the M-Files solution offered seamless integration with the company’s ERP system that provides information flow and updates on ongoing projects.

Overall, the new solution has helped FRIGO STAHL become a faster and more agile organisation in terms of processes, with immense growth potential. The next steps are to implement this solution in more departments.


  • Inefficient manual document management process
  • Difficulty in accessing and sharing relevant information across different departments
  • Risk of errors and delays due to the reliance on manual processes
  • Retrieval of information was time-consuming while users lost valuable time from their core business functions


  • Implementation of M-Files, an intelligent information management system that can manage the information overflow and help the management of projects
    • Centralisation of documents in a secure repository
    • Tracking and visibility of the status of each project
    • Integration with existing systems and processes
    • User-friendly interface, users do not need to know the exact location of documents
    • Compatibility with relevant regulations and industry standards
    • Scalability to accommodate future growth and changing needs


  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved accuracy and reliability of documentation of projects
  • Better collaboration and information sharing across departments
  • Enhanced compliance and traceability of documentation
  • Potential for cost savings by reducing errors