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SPAR, Czech Republic

SPAR, Czech Republic

Promoting effectiveness to drive business growth

High-quality, visually rich promotional materials such as catalogues, posters, leaflets and coupons are still an important part of marketing strategies for large businesses, especially supermarkets. The challenge is how to make this process more flexible and effective, saving yourself time and resources, whilst at the time providing quality print that doesn’t take forever to create.

Spar CZ had a need to produce a wide range of promotional materials and that came down to printing about 1750 A1 and A posters per week. Since they outsourced the printing services, the issue that Spar CZ faced was that the print took at least days in which they could no longer adjust or make changes to the print they’ve ordered. For example, when a competitor launched an attractive offer that could lure customers away, they could not alter their own promotional strategy once the production of the promotional materials had been initiated.

Konica Minolta offered Spar CZ solutions to produce a wide range of promotional materials on demand. With the KIP C80, SPAR CZ now produces and rolls out new wide format posters overnight!

With the KIP series, they can now adjust their promotional strategy at the last minute.

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We now have the freedom to determine at the last minute what to promote, how many posters to produce in each size, when to distribute and where to deploy. Whether it is printing only 5 posters for one particular store, or producing 2,000 posters for a nationwide campaign, we can implement it overnight! This is making our promotional strategy so much more efficient. As we now produce and distribute our promotional materials centrally, this solution has also lowered our logistical costs, adding to our profitability

Martin Ditmar

CEO of SPAR Czech Republic

Enabling business through wide format printing

How you can profit from thinking wider

Broaden your customers' digital printing horizons and boost the effectiveness of their promotional activities. In the fast-growing market of wide format printing you can deliver a unique value proposition and generate entirely new business. Faster toner-based wide-format printing offers you a great chance to attract new customers. And since your operating costs are lower, wide format printing will also boost your profits.

How your customers benefit from wide format printing:

  • Eye-catching impact of wider format print material
  • More effective marketing or promotional activities
  • Lower production costs for such material

How you profit from wide format printing:

  • Generation of entirely new business
  • Access to new market sectors
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved paper handling
  • Unique value proposition