Customer-centric solution opens up profitable new market

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Customer-centric solution opens up profitable new market

Customer-centric solution opens up profitable new market

Laborartzpraxis Dres. Walther, Weindel und Kollegen, Frankfurt, Germany.

Laborartzpraxis Dres. Walther, Weindel und Kollegen is a private medical laboratory in Frankfurt/Germany that provides over 1,000 doctors with lab services. The company employs more than 100 people, working a two-shift system. Three different workflows are associated with the company’s three different lab services: the basic lab (featuring over 200 types of test), microbiological lab, and a speciality lab for consultant physicians.

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We were impressed by the way our needs were understood quickly, and the solution was implemented rapidly

Sascha Brück

Head of Controlling, Logistics & Procurement

Laborartzpraxis Dres. Walther, Weindel und Kollegen was dealing with analysis results and documentation generating large print volumes —of approximately 250,000 pages per month. Because the company uses three different types of lab, it also has three different sets of documents, and three types of order for each patient. Printed documents, including test results and invoices, were being handled manually, with the sorting of these documents taking three to four hours a day.


The partners running the medical laboratory wanted to make these workflows far more efficient, and improve handling of its large volumes of confidential and urgent documentation. Proper sorting was also deemed essential to ensure results were sent to the correct doctor’s practice without delay.


Optimised workflow

Since blood samples were being delivered to the laboratory on a daily basis, and due to the large print volumes involved in this process, there was an urgent need to optimise workflow using Konica Minolta’s bizhub and Planet Press product lines. This solution helped the laboratory speed up, automate and simplify its daily workflows. After being delivered, the blood is forwarded to the lab approved to perform the test, as required by the test requisition form. The results of the analysis are then entered into the lab’s administrative system, after which the lab results are sorted and delivered to the doctor who initially requested the test.


With the help of PlanetPress, moreover, the laboratory can now manage its inner administration and invoicing using a seamless process. PlanetPress extracts the relevant data from the administrative system and produces invoices (based on the customer number) containing detailed payment instructions. The invoices are then printed and automatically sent to the doctor, insurance company or private individual directly without any need for manual intervention.