Significantly optimised process for invoice and order documents

Significantly optimised process for invoice and order documents

Significantly optimised process for invoice and order documents

Improves process of checking and storing invoices and order notes through intelligent document management

Established in 2008, BistriVet is today one of the most dynamic distribution and sales companies of veterinary medical products in Romania. The company is structured in two main divisions for the veterinary medical sector: the FARMS division and the PET division. The company’s activity consists in importing and distributing veterinary medicines, parapharmaceutical products, feed and feed additives, pet food and accessories and products for hygiene and biosecurity.

The company is active throughout the country, with the marketing and distribution of products being handled by the BistriVet sales team, which is made up of over 90% veterinarians. In addition to distributing a wide range of top quality veterinary medical products, BistriVet offers its customers professional services, including qualified medical assistance for the products sold.

The large volume of invoices and purchase orders at BistriVet also meant a lot of work. For this reason, BistriVet decided for document capture, processing and distribution solution Document Navigator to scan and automatically process documents using barcodes. All employees have now quick access to all documents and information though integrated intelligent information management solution M-Files and ERP applications and can easily trace all orders and product deliveries. Thus, the processing time for product delivery information has now reduced up to 60%.

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We believe in our ability to develop innovative services and to apply them together with our customers, which is one of our main objectives. By implementing Konica Minolta’s solutions, our company benefits from all the advantages of state-of-the-art technology: increased efficiency in processing business information, optimised workflows with physical and electronic documents, increased transparency in business operations. Ensuring document security as part of the digitisation process was the basis of our decision to implement the solution, and everything is now running smoothly. By combining quality products we offer our customers with state-of-the-art IT technologies, we are confident that we will be able to achieve our business goals, and this will make a significant contribution in the development of our future projects.

Szabo Gyula

Managing Director

Aim and context of the project

The main objective of the project was to implement software applications to improve the invoicing process and delivery of products by:
  • Automatically verifying invoices issued without order notes
  • Automatic electronic storage of issued invoices and order notes
  • Ensuring secure access to electronically stored documents
  • Quickly identifying the location where invoices issued and order notes are physically stored


The large volume of documents and information at BistriVet also meant a lot of work. For this reason, the need to implement a software application that would ensure the automatic processing of documents (invoices, order notes) and create links between them was the starting point of this partnership.

At the same time, collaborative working on documents requires a single platform where employees can quickly identify a document, regardless of where they are working (in the office, at home, at the airport or elsewhere), in order to ensure the continuity of the business processes.


  • Large number of invoices and purchase orders;
  • Identifying missing invoices or order notes;
  • Availability of information processed in the application at the latest the next day;
  • Integration of the software solution with the scanning equipment;
  • As the information is the basis for the company’s activities, not the slightest error is allowed.


  • M-Files is a document management solution that can store any type of electronic file, providing advanced storage, search and retrieval capabilities.
  • Document Navigator is an intelligent document capture, processing and distribution solution for both paper and electronic documents.
  • Work processes based on M-Files and Document Navigator solutions involve:
    • Applying barcodes to documents
    • Scanning documents received from customers
    • Extracting documents from the scan file, based on barcodes
    • Integrating M-Files and ERP applications
    • Checking invoices issued by customers in a table generated from ERP and marking it in close connection with the order note.


  • Improving the invoicing process and identifying missing documents;
  • Quick access to information by integrating M-Files and ERP applications;
  • Increase traceability of orders and product deliveries;
  • Storing electronic documents in a secure, efficient and user-friendly environment;
  • Access to the solution based on clearly defined access rights and rules;
  • Up to 60% reduction in processing time for product delivery information;
  • Efficient tools for searching, editing, sharing and organising content and information;
  • M-Files is a metadata-based system, so documents and information are easy to classify and find.