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Worker health and safety has long been a concern for responsible organisations. Apart from needing to comply with occupational health and safety (OHS) policies and regulations, organisations want to avoid the effects on workers of workplace injuries and accidents, as well as the productivity losses, costs and reputational damage that can arise.

Video surveillance or CCTV can play a role in keeping people safe, but there are some challenges and limitations with traditional solutions:
  • The video feed must be permanently monitored but, being human, the monitoring team may miss potentially important events
  • There's lots of footage to store, most of which you'll never need to look at again
  • The surveillance solution can't help you understand what it's seeing, or notify you about issues and problems
In addition, the pandemic has raised new challenges for organisations: how to monitor individuals for illness, in order to avoid spreading infection. Given that infection doesn't necessarily come with visible signs, you need a non-contact monitoring solution that goes beyond video and provides temperature screening with a high degree of accuracy.
Now video analytics solutions from Konica Minolta help you do more to create a safe and healthy working environment by combining smart IoT Mobotix video cameras (that incorporate audio capability and thermal imaging with FORXAI, our imaging IoT platform). FORXAI enables immediate AI-based edge analysis processing of camera images and video on site or in the cloud. Our video analytics solutions go from simply seeing to understanding what's happening in a variety of situations. In this way, they help you improve real-time protection for your employees against illness, accident, injury — and even death.

If the video analytics solution detects an anomaly and raises an alarm, your monitoring team uses an intuitive web dashboard to check the alarm details in real time, preview the camera feed and identify the location of the person or event. The dashboard also makes it easy to create reports and analyse historical data.

Typical applications for workplace health and safety include:

Equipment control. Screening workers to check they're wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job — such as face masks, glasses, helmets, safety vests, gloves and boots.

Distance monitoring. Checking that the required distance between employees, or between an employee and a piece of machinery, is being respected.

Lone worker safety. Protecting lone workers by recognising and classifying body movements that may indicate illness or injury, allowing prompt intervention.

Acoustic surveillance. Detecting sounds from security camera microphones, such as alarms or cries for help, to enable timely intervention.

Dangerous situation monitoring. Detecting people inside a predefined exclusion zone; or inside a facility during an emergency evacuation.

Crowd temperature screening. Analysing thermal images of people — even in a group or crowd — to check if anyone has a fever or a body temperature that exceeds a given threshold. This contactless technique lets you separate individuals who may be ill (as indicated by an elevated temperature) from those who are healthy, to help prevent the spread of infection.

Cough detection. The ability to detect people coughing or sneezing — a potential symptom of illness — using security camera microphones is another way to help prevent the spread of infection in addition to skin temperature measurement.
Using Konica Minolta video analytics solutions, you can create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace:

Customer benefits

Adaptable solution with customisable algorithms to meet individual customer needs

Regulated AI monitoring tools that don't jeopardise people's privacy

Easy-to-use dashboards that support real-time intervention as well as historical data analysis

Support for your compliance with OHS requirements

Video analytics: smart solutions that bring everything into focus

Video surveillance is a useful tool for monitoring workplace safety and security. Imagine if it could also alert you...

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