Invoice processing: Efficient financial management

How to turn invoice management from an administrative burden into a competitive edge

The end of tedious and intensive manual work

Boost your financial management efficiency with automated invoice processing. Successful businesses need to manage data in a timely way and process invoices accurately. This keeps business flowing and maintains healthy relationships with vendors. Konica Minolta help businesses take control and streamline their invoice processes with digital invoice management solutions.

Do your teams still do repetitive, paper-intensive work by hand? Tedious for employees, this leads to sluggish document and invoice processing and hours wasted. Your accounts payable team will have to manually extract information to square invoices against purchase orders. Due to human error, this leads to some processing and capture of incorrect figures. Even if e-invoices arrive digitally, many companies still print them out and file them as paper copies.


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How digital invoice management works 


With digital invoice processing by Konica Minolta, you can capture incoming invoices and make sure they're mapped correctly in your system. All the details, such as the project code and invoice number are automatically processed, checked and captured using text recognition software and intelligent algorithms. This means it's all safely stored right away, can be accessed from any device and will be forwarded to the right team for approval. 


Konica Minolta's invoice processing gives you stress-free integration into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In the end, it’s all about ensuring accurate invoice data, cutting admin time, avoiding errors and minimising costs. 


Benefits of intelligent invoice processing


Any company can harness the power of invoice processing automation. You'll discover that Konica Minolta's invoice processing solutions reduce errors and give you more transparency, avoiding bottlenecks and helping to keep you compliant.


No matter how invoices arrive - whether in paper form or as email attachments - an AP (accounts payable) automation solution can deal with them for you. They'll be delivered to the right people fast - using our workflow and routing options.


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“With Konica Minolta solutions for invoice processing, we help businesses freeing up IT and accounting departments alike.”

Intelligent invoice processing: Efficient financial management

Boost your financial management efficiency with automated invoice processing. Successful businesses need to manage data in a timely way and process invoices accurately. This keeps business flowing and maintains healthy relationships with vendors. Konica Minolta help businesses take control and streamline their invoice processes with digital invoice management solutions.

Invoice processing

Invoice processing

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Automated workflows that streamline time-consuming manual tasks.

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Instant access to invoices awaiting processes. No more lengthy internal searches for invoices in paper form – so you can access your invoices anytime, anywhere. 

Manage all your campaigns in one portal

Mobile technology that allows invoice authorisation on the go, so invoices can be authorised by the relevant people wherever they are.

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Real-time invoice validation to detect errors faster, resolve issues and improve relationships with vendors and suppliers. 

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Structured digital capturing of all incoming invoices. 

Invoice management E-Book

In business, there is in fact such a thing as a burden of success: In many cases, it comes in the form of invoices – lots of them. And these invoices need to be managed. As businesses grow, so does their network of customers and suppliers. And when production chains and value creation become ever more globalised, complexity increases while regulatory demands grow. Manual processes may have taken a business so far – but at a certain point, they start to become excessively labour-intensive, error

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Success story

TON inc. logo

An iconic brand moves forward with digital document management

An iconic brand moves forward with digital document management

TON, Inc., a proudly independent Czech company, has been producing Bentwood furniture since 1953, and preserves the same quality craftsmanship that furniture innovator Michael Thonet originated in 1861. TON’s products are the winners of various awards, including Good Design, Red Dot Design Award and Czech Grand Design. Meeting global demand is achieved by its own sales network as well as remote employees. The company needed ever-greater agility, while facing an expansion of email traffic and the challenge of inefficient paper-based legacy systems that had proved a significant issue for invoice processing. With Konica Minolta as a strong partner, TON implemented a digitised workflow and document management solution. This way, TON was able to slash document handling times throughout the company, with all information in one place, and quickly and easily retrievable.

Stepping into the future 

The company’s existing document management practices were slowing down TON’s core processes and overall de­velopment. It lacked a common storage portal for invoices, product information and documentation. Data was recorded in different directories and across multiple systems — preventing remote access to information such as relevant invoices, contracts and products. Invoices were often lost in the shuffle between departments or stalled altogether when authorised approvers were working out of the office. 

TON was looking for an opportunity to centrally store docu­ments such as business contracts or orders. The lack of such storage made it very challenging and time consuming to get an overview of the ongoing status of any active contract and submit it to the auditor in a relevant way. In accounting, the lack of remote access had in the past created serious is­sues: “We had a major problem when an employee was out of the office for several days and couldn’t approve or check a particular document and we were unable to enter it in the books,” recalled TON’s Sales Director, Robert Valentík. “Con­sequently, the management did not have timely information about projects, about activities within the company, about the company’s results.”

Partnering with Konica Minolta – the proven choice 

Seeking a way to increase process efficiency, generate sav­ings and provide its employees with access to vital information anytime, anywhere, TON enlisted the help of Konica Minolta, which was selected from a shortlist of ten suppliers. Choosing Konica Minolta as the trusted supplier of choice, TON decided to implement a solution that combined Microsoft SharePoint as a storage document platform with K2 blackpearl, a software platform to build and run business process applications. This combination provided exactly the robust forms, integration and reporting services that TON required. 

“The final selection of supplier was decided based on refer­ences,” said Robert Valentík. “We visited several customers of Konica Minolta, who showed us K2 blackpearl in practice. We actually confirmed our selection in this way.”

At the outset of the project, consultants from Konica Minolta engaged strongly with the team at TON to undertake a thor-ough analysis their specific needs and requirements. For Robert Valentík, step was crucial: “With hindsight, I consider the implementation analysis to be of great importance, which, thanks to its thorough preparation, meant that we kept to the project budget and project deadline, which is unusual for such large projects.” 

When choosing the solution alongside Konica Minolta it was essential for TON that the environment was user-friendly, and that the inhouse IT department would be able to make their own forms and be able to set up processes in K2 blackpearl. The ease of doing so proved key to the decision to select the solution, which was demonstrated during the implementation and as TON’s employees took to the new processes. 

TON’s IT specialists now work in the K2 environment, where they test processes, forms and other, smaller initiatives. The process of training team members to do so had proven straightforward, with Sales Director Robert Valentík observing that working with Konica Minolta to build skills took place in “a friendly environment and at an easy rhythm”, with two TON employees learning to model new processes and provide new support solutions for the system in around three months. 

The IT department is excited to implement other, department-led initiatives – and the team is able to make minor adjust­ments to the system themselves thanks to the K2 platform. More complex requirements are solved by Konica Minolta’s experienced team of consultants.

Powering the business with faster, more flexible operations 

A key advantage of the K2 and SharePoint solution imple­mented by Konica Minolta is its ease of access for employees, company-wide. The new system features a modern, user-friendly intranet that is accessible via a regular web browser. As well as bringing everything together in one place, the solu­tion mitigates the need to install dedicated software on users’ workstations, thus removing the costs of maintenance and installation. IT helpdesk management and invoice processing are now fully automated. 

K2 blackpearl has also demonstrated its value through its fusion of accessibility and ease of use – which is epitomised by the K2 mobile app. “When I see that the managing director can approve invoices received on his mobile phone when on business trips abroad, it confirms to me that we made the right decision,” observed Robert Valentík. By cutting out the burden of searching for paper documents, TON has achieved an esti­mated daily time saving per employee of fifteen minutes. 

“Work with digitised documents is considerably more conveni­ent and data can be transferred to other information systems,” commented Robert Valentík. “I think the K2 blackpearl solution on the Microsoft SharePoint platform would be beneficial to any company that wants to optimise processes and simplify administration.”

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This solution is beneficial to any company that wants to optimise processes and simplify administration. Work with digitised documents is considerably more convenient and data can be transferred to other information systems. Yet, an even greater benefit of the system is that we reduced the flow of documents through the system from fifteen days to only three, which is very positive.”

Robert Valentík

Sales Director, TON a.s.


  • User-friendly company-wide intranet introduced to enhance information sharing
  • Full automation of IT helpdesk management and invoice processing
  • Average time required to process accounting documents cut from 15 to 3 days
  • Average 15 minute per day time saving per employee in moving away from paper documents
  • Customer IT department are able to tailor solution as needs change


  • Overcome limitations of legacy systems while securing full interoperability
  •  Build capability to centrally store documents in digital form
  • Provide easy access for employees company-wide
  • Accelerate document and invoice processing times


  • K2 blackpearl BPM technology
  • Microsoft SharePoint platform

Success story

Avoiding paper - During invoicing solves space problems

Avoiding paper - During invoicing solves space problems

Document management and electronic workflow instead of scanning services

Tupperware's invoice archive was taking up valuable space and did not allow staff to search for stored information quickly, so the company made plans to digitise it. Instead of contracting a scanning service provider, Tupperware opted for an electronic invoice-processing system in combination with a legally compliant digital archive.

Now Tupperware has not only regained some space, but is also able to process invoices faster and from any location. Both invoice information and related documents can be digitised and the files easily found when needed.

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Thanks to using document management, our paper archive is shrinking by one accounting year every year. This means that after seven years, it will be completely emptied automatically.

Peter Moser

Operations Manager, Tupperware Austria


  • The invoice archive is gradually shrinking every year, meaning that storage space for paper documents will no longer be needed after seven years.
  • Digitisation has made processing invoices and finding information faster.
  • All employees can process invoices from any location whilst maintaining compliance, meaning that employees can work from home when needed.


  • Digitise the paper-based invoice archive in a legally compliant manner to gain space.
  • Map internal company process chains in a digital IT process, taking all application scenarios into account during the planning phase.
  • Find a balance between adapting the company's processes and adapting the software.


  • Introduce a document management system with invoice workflow to avoid creating paper files.
  • Any supplier can digitally send invoices to a general email address without the need to use a specific format or change the format further down the line.
  • Paper-based invoices that arrive by post are scanned using a desktop scanner and processed in the same way as incoming digital invoices.

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