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Defect Detection in Action

Our AI-Enhanced Defect Detection system stands as a sentinel of quality. Employing sophisticated algorithms, it scrutinizes products with an unerring eye for detail, identifying and flagging imperfections that escape conventional methods. This vigilant oversight ensures that only the finest quality items carry your brand's name, upholding your commitment to excellence.

When you rely on people to check your products, you may run the risk of damage or defects being missed. Your inspectors may become tired or get distracted; or may not be able to inspect every box on the production or packing line.

On the other hand, a Visual Quality Inspection system based on FORXAI Video Vision analytics technology can consistently check every container and automatically remove damaged or defected products from the production line — boosting your confidence that quality standards are met for every shipment.

Customer benefits

Defect Detection is one of Konica Minolta's Video Quality Inspection (VQI) solutions. Like other VQI solutions in our portfolio, it combines our smart IoT-based Mobotix video cameras with FORXAI, our imaging IoT platform. FORXAI enables immediate AI-based processing of camera images and video — on site or in the cloud — enabling inspection of many different types of products for any type of damage (such as cracks) and contamination (such as dirt or foreign objects).

The solution can be trained to assess the severity and extent of anomalies against specified thresholds, and command the separator to remove products from the production line when damage or contamination exceeds the relevant threshold. In addition, it provides reporting and statistics about the number of defective products detected and the nature of the defects, to help make production more predictable.

Among our customers are Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Food production companies in the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain, all of whom manufacture products that can become damaged in the manufacturing process. If a customer returns a shipment because of the condition of the product, it can lead to additional costs through logistics and bad PR of the company.

To help avoid this issue and maintain high levels of customer service, the companies use our Defect Detection solution to carry out a visual inspection of the boxes in the production line. It automatically ensures that damaged boxes are removed and that dirty ones are sent for washing.

Detect and alert to anomalies such as damage, defects, dirt and foreign bodies

Increase inspection speed and consistency compared with human inspectors

Improve process efficiency— automatically take defective and dirty boxes out of the production line

Contribute to more predictable production and better planning of machine time

Raise the quality of boxes used for customer deliveries

Reduce the risk of deliveries being rejected, and the associated costs and reputational damage

Why Konica Minolta for Video Solution Service – Making the invisible visible

Konica Minoltas intelligent video system can solve problems in all areas: Ensuring safety in a factory unit, registering vehicles to detecting movement, communicating with the network or triggering alarms if necessary. The solution also allows you to analyse the customer behaviour.

Box Defect Detection: Assure quality and cleanliness

If you let products go out in containers that are damaged or dirty, you run the risk of deliveries being rejected by your customers — causing you additional cost, and potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction and harm to your reputation. A visual quality inspection system based on smart video analytics technology can consistently check every container and automate removal of damaged or dirty ones from the production line — boosting your confidence that quality standards are met for every shipment.

Ensuring your products meet the relevant quality requirements

Spending lots of valuable time checking delivery boxes for defects and anomalies? Struggling to search for cracks, foreign objects and contamination? Manufacturing operations must ensure the highest level of quality during every stage of the production or assembly process. The vast majority of these quality checks involve visual inspections to ensure parts are not damaged or  contaminated, are in the correct position, have the right shape and look, and are free from any defects. 

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