Access control

Managing building and property access with video analytics

Streamline access control and management

To control who has access to a building, premises or other property, you have to be sure that only authorised individuals gain entry. Scanning badges, passes or other forms of user ID is one way to manage it; biometrics is another approach. You want the access control process to be accurate — to maintain a high degree of security and protection. But you also need it to be efficient, to avoid delaying those who are authorised to enter.

The pandemic has added another dimension to access control: as well as keeping premises secure, organisations want to check that only people who are healthy gain entry, to limit the potential spread of infection and help keep employees safe.

With Konica Minolta video analytics solutions, you can streamline all of these access controls — and more. Our solutions combine smart IoT-based Mobotix video cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) to perform screening and monitoring, and measure and analyse what they see against pre-defined thresholds or other criteria. An intelligent video analytics solution does away with the need for continuous human monitoring — the operator is notified by the audio (or other alert) when action needs to be taken.

Among the access control applications for our intelligent video analytics solutions are:

Body temperature screening

Protecting against the spread of infection by measuring body or skin temperature against a predefined upper limit using the Mobotix cameras' thermal imaging capabilities. The solution can provide audio or visual alerts to both the individual concerned and the monitoring team.

Access control

Based on facial recognition. This can be linked to a gate, turnstile or other access barrier that opens only to authorised personnel. Security teams can be automatically alerted when an unauthorised individual is detected.

Customer success stories

During the pandemic, we helped customers like Würth Hungary and Primus Foundation Schools to keep people safe with efficient, non-invasive temperature screening solutions based on Mobotix cameras with thermal imaging capability. Primus Foundation Schools used the system to screen the temperature of its 600 students, 100 staff and all visitors smoothly and unobtrusively. Würth replaced a time-consuming manual measurement process for its warehouse staff with a video analytics solution that also integrates with its existing entry system.

Access control in hospital increases security and safety

Smart video surveillance for access control and temperature measurement increases security and safety in multiprofile hospital for active treatment “Yuliya Vreska” in Byala municipality.

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Customer benefits

Using video analytics solutions streamlines access control and temperature screening processes, shortens waiting times at the entrance to a premises, and saves on surveillance resources. Where temperature screening is involved, using cameras both accelerates the process and reduces risk compared with taking temperatures manually, as it removes the need for close personal contact.

Customisable algorithms enable the video analytics solution to be tailored to each customer's requirements

Easy-to-use dashboards that support real-time intervention as well as historical data analysis

Fast, accurate thermal screening — body or skin temperature is measured up to 8 times a second in the camera frame, and the measurement is accurate to within 0.3° Celsius

Regulated AI monitoring tools that don't jeopardise people's privacy

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