Fiery Color Profiler

Market-leading colour management for Fiery servers

This market-leading colour management solution for Fiery servers consists of integrated tools that ensure total colour quality at every stage of the printing workflow. The comprehensive Fiery® Color Profiler Suite extends the capability of Fiery-driven printers with the most advanced colour management tools available, integrated at every stage of the printing workflow to ensure that colour reproduction is always accurate, consistent and repeatable.

Color profiler suite workflow

Fiery Color Profiler

Fiery Color Profiler

Quality assurance

  • Measurement-based verification tool
  • Measurement-based comparison
  • Wizard-driven colour verification

Profile creation

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Support for ICC v2 and ICC v4 profiles
  • Optimised coverage and calibration
  • Auto install
  • Monitor profiler
  • Compatibility

Profile evaluation

  • 3D gamut viewer
  • Profile inspector
  • Profile editor

Complete your team: Scanning High-End Spectrophotomer FD-5BT

  • M1-Mode – ready for modern standards
  • Excellent inter-instrument agreement
  • Display for standalone use
  • Fully-fledged Spectrodensitometer

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