AccurioPro Color Manager 2

Manage your colours easily

AccurioPro Color Manager 2 (APCM) Suite is a combination of tools to linearise, calibrate, profile, validate and control, colour quality of printing presses. The unique and comprehensive combination of features in a single suite makes APCM to an unparalleled offering in the world of Colour management and control. The user optimised interface and wizard based workflow interaction makes the software simple and easy to use even for unexperienced users and reduce learning curves for the operators. Last but not least, the streamlined processes and faultless operation will maximize the throughput of your printing presses and increase the efficiency of your print room.

AccurioPro Color Manager 2 Advantages


  • Offers high reliable and standardised print products
  • Reduced time for manual adjustments boosts printer uptime
  • Guaranteed colour print quality with easy-to-use tools 
  • Convince your customers on your expertise on handling his jobs
  • Gain customer loyalty by offering the right and dependable service
  • Have an easy proof on the right set up of your Konica Minolta production system
  • Drastically reduces adjustment time before printing. Print Provider can assign their staff to more creative tasks other than printing
  • Avoidance of ambiguous discussions about colour with customers
  • Precise colour matching, even for novice operators, avoiding or at least minimising any learning curve 
  • Reducing misprints and the need to rework as or reprint jobs

AccurioPro Color Manager workflow

Easy-to-use colour management solution that meets every demand

Streamline your colour management with the AccurioPro Color Manager (APCM).
The APCM Suite is a combination of tools to linearise, profile, validate and control the colour quality of your printing presses. Maximise the throughput of your fleet; and increase the efficiency of your print room with the APCM’s straightforward operation and streamlined processes.

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