Enabling climate compensation

Support the fight against climate change

Combating climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our global society. Addressing it is a top goal in Konica Minolta's environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. Our priority is to reduce — or prevent — greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within our own operations and products, and help our customers do the same.  

If you use our bizhub MFPs, you can further reduce emissions using:  

  • Power Save settings that optimise your print devices' power usage 

To offset the remaining and unavoidable GHG emissions associated with office, home office and production printers, you can join our Enabling Climate Compensation programme. It covers the lifecycle of your print devices — from raw material sourcing, manufacture and logistics, through use and to disposal. (disposal for production printers only)

The all-in-one programme makes emissions offsetting easy. While you use your Konica Minolta devices as normal, the total emissions are calculated and offset through certified climate protection projects. 


What are greenhouse gases?

The best known greenhouse gases (GHG) are carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions, widely known as carbon emissions, which also dominate globally in terms of quantity. Other climate-damaging greenhouse gases include methane (CH₄), nitrous oxide (N₂O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF₆).* 

Emissions of greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide (CO₂) are typically converted into CO₂ equivalents according to their global warming potential (CO₂ = 1) for better comparability. That's why ClimatePartner indicates the value of saved greenhouse gases in climate protection projects as CO₂e. The small “e” after CO₂ means “equivalents” and so also includes other GHG emissions. 

This reduces the global GHG footprint (or carbon footprint, a term that's still widely used) compared to the scenario without the impact of a climate protection project. Ultimately, it makes no difference to the climate where climate-damaging greenhouse gases are saved, nor which terms are used. 


Enabling Climate Compensation programme 

We deliver our Enabling Climate Compensation programme with international climate protection expert ClimatePartner. The programme supports climate protection projects around the world that replace fossil fuels with renewable energy in the fight against global warming. It offers a holistic approach to GHG offsetting by a certified climate protection project that meets the Gold Standard VER (voluntary emissions reduction) criteria. Gold Standard VER projects go beyond climate protection by taking social aspects into account.

Joining our Enabling Climate Compensation programme will help you prove your commitment to the fight against climate change through: 

  • Transparent disclosure of your print products' GHG emissions with the help of an online tracking system
  • A unique ClimatePartner ID number  
  • ​Individual certificates stating the GHG emissions offset through the programme and the climate protection project 
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"Sustainability has been an integral part of our company for many years. We already use green electricity, rely on energy-saving lighting and partly on e-mobility and try to avoid waste. Offering our customers sustainable print products was therefore the next logical step for me – regardless of the fact that more and more customers are also demanding it. With the Enabling Climate Compensation programme it is very straightforward to print climate compensated, because Konica Minolta takes care of all the handling.”

Eric Fabritius

Optimum Printing Services, Germany

Three steps to GHG emissions offsetting 

  1. Buy your new office or production printing system in combination with our Enabling Climate Compensation programme; or choose devices from your existing Konica Minolta fleet and opt for climate-compensated printing for one year (production print devices only) or the lifecycle. 

  1. Through the programme, the GHG emissions, based on our assumptions, generated by the relevant print devices during their lifecycle are offset by a certified climate protection project. For production print devices, you can alternatively opt to compensate the emissions from one year's usage 

  1. Printing is now done in a GHG-compensated way, which can help make your organisation more attractive to sustainability-minded customers and employees.  



Contribute to meeting your environmental targets 

Prove your commitment to climate protection for ESG reporting and other purposes 

Enhance your corporate and employer image  

Add value to production print products and win more business 

Climate compensation or climate neutral? 

Although the term climate neutral is widely used and understood, increasingly strict legislation in Europe prohibits misleading advertising or will do so very soon. At Konica Minolta, we want to avoid being misleading in our communications, so have decided to use the term climate compensation instead of climate neutral or carbon neutrality. Climate compensation more clearly expresses how our Enabling Climate Compensation programme works. Under the programme, we calculate the greenhouse gases generated in connection with your printing devices and offer you the opportunity to save (or compensate) the same amount in a climate protection project supported by us. No matter what terms are used — whether carbon offset printing or climate-compensated printing — every activity that helps to counteract climate change counts in the end. 

The GHG slider below makes it easy to visualise your potential emissions savings by translating them into other everyday activities: 

Climate Protection with SampleCompany Ltd.

Move the slider to get a comparison of your carbon emissions.

t CO2

The amount corresponds to ...

... kilometres driven with a passenger car
... wash cycles (60°C)
... the yearly CO2-capture of beech trees
... the production of pairs of running shoes
... the production of kilograms beef (raw)
... the melting of square metres summerly ice in the Arctic
... economy flights from London to New York
... the yearly carbon footprint of average global citizens

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