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Tracking working hours – these are your options

According to a ruling by the ECJ, companies must set up a system to track working hours. Read here which specific systems SMEs can use for that purpose.

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The ruling by the European Court of Justice puts an end to working time tracking practice that was used in Germany, among other places. Only tracking overtime hours will soon not be enough. However, the EU states do have some freedom in the implementation – exactly how they regulate the obligation is up to them.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) requires Member States of the EU to oblige employers ‘to set up an objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured’.

The idea is to make it possible for employees, authorities and courts to check the provisions of labour law on maximum working hours and weekly rest periods. Working time tracking is a monitoring instrument that ensures the minimum and maximum working hours in the employment contract are adhered to.

Systems that can do more than track working hours

There are options available if you don’t just want to track your employees’ working hours. The working time data recorded can then be used for internal accounting. Combining this with electronic access control to the company is also possible.

How and with which systems can employers fulfil the requirements? There are many simple systems available now for the time tracking that will be a legal requirement in future.

Systems to track working hours

Time spent working, on holiday or absent can be easily documented with a smartphone, app, computer or NFC solution. It can even be done manually. When looking for the right module for you personally, you will soon find more information.

Time tracking as an app

In this case, mobile devices are used to record daily working hours. All time recording takes place online via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Time tracking is also possible offline, because the system synchronises automatically when it is back online. Two providers are clockodo and timetac.

Time tracking with an NFC smartphone

The combination of NFC transponders with an NFC smartphone is a possible solution for project-related and stationary working time tracking. The time tracking transponders can be attached to objects and machines, for example. A simple touch with a smartphone is enough to start documentation of working time. Providers include Virtac and Novachron.

Analogue time tracking with a chip card

Stationary tracking at the company is performed by a terminal installed for that purpose. Employees hold a chip card against a sensor field when entering and leaving the building. ZeitControl and InterCard offer systems of this type.

Three-way staff time tracking

Tracking working hours, breaks and absences does not have to be restricted to one method. There is also a system that makes it possible to flexibly track working time via web, hardware terminal or mobile app. REINER SCT and primion are providers of this.

Electronic time tracking with biometrics

Employees are registered with a finger or hand scan. The use of state-of-the-art algorithms for fingerprint recognition guarantees quick and secure authentication of employees. There is no chance of misuse. The data is transferred to the time tracking software in real time. Systems like this are more expensive to procure, but offer a high level of security. timo24 and safescan are manufacturers of such systems.

Time tracking of hours at PC

This is a special system that automatically records only the working hours spent at the computer. This software can be downloaded free of charge. It is provided by the company easy software.


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