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Five qualities of a leader at the time of transformation: how not to be stuck in the past

Changes are permanent actions in our life. A leader should adapt to new challenges and a new environment. Job Wizards are telling which qualities are necessary for the leader in these circumstances.

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In 2019, PricewaterhouseCoopers interviewed about 1400 global CEOs. According to this review, trade conflicts, political upset and a projected slowdown in global economic growth have increased uncertainty and decreased confidence in revenue prospects.

It is an excellent demonstration of the fact that transformation is accompanied by uncertainty and fears. Moreover, we are afraid of things, which cannot be influenced by us. Therefore, Job Wizards highlighted five necessary qualities of leaders at the time of the changes.

1. Openness to innovations, flexibility

Do not afraid of nonstandard actions. Digitalisation within the process of transformation is just one of the components. However, we are used to thinking about it primarily. It is more important for a business to be ready for transformations, to develop the culture of the company, to respect the cultural differences because the cultural component is bilateral.

Look for something new permanently.

2. Emotional Intelligence, EI

Empathy is keeping pace with the leadership. EQ is no less important as IQ. Today it is possible to improve any hard skills; we have a lot of technologies and possibilities to gain any knowledge, but it is more challenging to increase EQ. When we are talking about emotional intelligence, we mean the wisdom, which dominates the experience.

Reflect sometimes. It helps to understand the real causes of positive and negative results.

3. Involvement

Each person who is working in the team has to feel responsibility for the result. Each team member has to understand the reasons for the changes and how to benefit from these actions.

Involve: new possibilities are coming up, but today the whole team has to get inspired by these changes.

4. The ability to inspire and trust

Often people don’t follow the leader; they follow the first follower. This understanding is essential for the implementation of changes in the team. Trust these people to find the ambassadors who will stand up and follow you. Teach them if you want, they will trust you and teach you something. Then they will be inspired by your vision, your leadership and promote you among others.

Inspire and be inspired to get loyal followers.

5. Effectiveness

If the team doesn’t get things done, you also don’t get things done. Undoubtedly, your business has to be sustainable, but has brilliant results; otherwise, it is a useless business.

Don’t do the job instead of your team. Just ensure the environment where everyone manages to achieve the results.

A happy team is a successful team. Certainly, you cannot make everyone happy. Nevertheless, if you are a leader, you have to ensure a healthy working environment at least. Your team need to feel happiness even at the time of changes.

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