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Change management: the Job Wizards workbook on the subject

Find out how to successfully manage change processes in small and medium-sized enterprises with our new workbook.

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Change is part of every company and needs to be successfully managed. Read on to find out how you can professionally manage changes in your company and personally grow to master challenges.

The first Job Wizards workbook is here. The title: ‘Change management in small and medium-sized enterprises’. In this workbook, we provide you with the most important information regarding change management free of charge. The knowledge section explains how changes take place in small companies. In the practical section, worksheets help you implement the newly acquired knowledge in day-to-day work. Just click to take a look.

Successfully master developments with change management

Salad or burger? A little under 20 years ago, McDonald’s started the new millennium facing a substantial crisis: enormous competitive pressure and the bad health image of burgers, chips, etc. saw sales figures sink. Management took the bull by the horns: going against the previous corporate philosophy, they put their faith in salads, fruit and healthy dishes. In this way, they not only changed the bad image of the company, but acquired new target groups at the same time. An exciting example of clever change management.

Changes are complex and trigger emotions

At the same time, the McDonald’s example provides an idea of the massive effects radical changes have on the departments within a company. From Purchasing and Processing to Production, Sales, Marketing and even Customer Relations, core workflows need to be reconsidered and tested. So it is no surprise that not all employees react with enthusiasm. Some are at a loss and wait to see what comes next. Others are shocked or even angry.

Are important changes upcoming in your company? If you are in a position of responsibility, it’s a good idea to be prepared. And even better if you know what to do because you are familiar with the typical change workflows and processes. Find out more here:


Think ahead, work smart: the Job Wizards workbooks are published four times a year. They provide entrepreneurs and decision makers with up-to-date facts, content and inspiration regarding important topics in the world of work.

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