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Konica Minolta to drive automated visual inspection business

14. Jun 2019

Konica Minolta, Inc.(Konica Minolta) announced that it has acquired the Spain-based Eines Systems S.L. (Eines Systems), a leading company in the automated visual inspection market. Based on its high-quality light and colour measurement technologies, Konica Minolta has been enhancing initiatives in the sensing business for the growing ICT and automotive industries, by providing various products and solutions with additional value proposition. The acquisition of Eines Systems will further drive...

Konica Minolta to accelerate manufacturing reforms by combining IoT technology with the capabilities of employees at manufacturing sites and encourage open innovation in cooperation with suppliers

12. Jun 2019

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) has been promoting workflow reforms for production facilities under its digital manufacturing initiatives towards the goal of establishing production systems that are independent of people, place, country and fluctuations. As part of its efforts to achieve this goal globally, Konica Minolta has introduced digital manufacturing solutions in its production base in Malaysia, and is now ready to join the Smart Industrial Centre (SIC) project to achieve open...

Hiring big IT for SMEs?

13. Dec 2018

Even for smaller companies, IT has become the information nerve centre, with an ever-increasing number of more complex tasks needing to be managed. Core competences such as work and communication infrastructure and server management have had to expand to cater to a new way of working – more flexible, more efficient, always available and uncompromising in safety and reliability. Today, IT is the enabler of information flows in all departments, providing business solutions for digital contract...

Konica Minolta comment on trends and predictions in label market 2019

13. Dec 2018

The label sector continues to be a growing market and was forecast by Smithers Pira to be worth a total of $36.98 billion in 2017. This same source also predicts that growth will continue at an average rate of 4.1% per year up to 2022, making labels a $45.22 billion market by then.Together the two digital printing techniques of electrophotography and inkjet accounted for 28% of label production by value globally in 2017, although this equated to just 11% of the volume of labels produced...