The first camera to include four modules: Konica Minolta launches the MOBOTIX S74 high-end video system

| 11 December 2020

With the new MOBOTIX S74 video system, Konica Minolta is significantly expanding the usage options for itsMOBOTIX 7 platform. The new model is a high-performance IoT camera featuring up to four modules, which allows for more flexibility than any other MOBOTIX video system. Thecamera is exceptionally discreet thanks to its concealed camera housing. TheS74 can also access camera apps that have already been integrated, and can be expanded almost indefinitely.This makes the video system universally suitable for any imaginable requirement in even the mostdiverse industrial applications.

Bright in the dark: Brilliant images, even in low-light conditions

To supplement its already well-known 4K UHD modules in numerous lens opening angles, Konica Minolta is presenting a real world-first with the MOBOTIX S74: The Ultra LowLight 4MP Day & Night sensor module with automatic day/night switching. The Ultra LowLight technology can produce brilliant images with faithfully reproduced colours, even in low-light conditions. This is an important feature for applications such as identifying vehicles or people, even in the darkest of areas. The modules also have shorter exposure times, significantly increasing the sharpness of the object moving through the twilight image. The excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SRV) of 0.19 demonstrates the impressive brilliance of the Ultra LowLight sensors. That corresponds to a light sensitivity that is four-times higher than a 4K UHD module. The camera also has potent backlighting technology. Thanks to the optimised Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function, all MOBOTIX 7 generation cameras can easily cope with challenging light conditions. WDR simultaneously combines different images with different exposure times into one image, automatically brightening areas that are too dark and preventing areas that are too bright. The result is a more accurate, detailed image in all areas.

Recognise temperature differences from great distances

The excellent image quality also applies in thermal applications. With VGA thermal technology and an extended image angle of up to 90° x 69°, even the smallest details can be recognised. Large areas (perimeter protection) and temperature differences can also be captured from great distances.

An open platform for apps ensures complete flexibility

The S74 integrates perfectly into the open MOBOTIX 7 platform, which offers a wide range of MOBOTIX Certified Apps based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to support security and workflow processes. Customers can use existing apps from the platform instead of installing apps in their own infrastructure, which they would have to manage and continuously update. The pre-installed apps can be trialled free of charge for 30 days and then activated individually using a license, if this is required.

However, customers can also develop apps for their specific applications that can be integrated into the open platform. This means they can create "their own" camera to fulfil their specific requirements — giving them the full flexibility and modularity they need. In this way, new camera app solutions are continually being created with unlimited possibilities. Only high-quality professional market and partner solutions are integrated, tested and certified by MOBOTIX to meet the high demands of quality and cybersecurity.

Low capital and operating costs

As image processors and storage is embedded within the IoT camera and the camera operates completely autonomously, there is no extra hardware or software such as servers or recording systems — only the camera itself is required. This video solution therefore enables customers to reduce server load and storage volume, lowering both capital and operating costs. If the system is expanded with additional network cameras, only additional storage is required.

Quality and cybersecurity "Made in Germany"

Robustness, reliability and data security are also core values in the S74. The S74 video system consists exclusively of rugged, high-quality components "Made in Germany". The camera housing is made of powder-coated aluminium and features weatherproof USB-C sockets. The S74 also provides end-to-end protection against cyber attacks by hackers and prevents unauthorised entry into the company's network.

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With the MOBOTIX S74, we are setting new standards in AI-supported video technology. The system will impress customers thanks to its performance, image quality, robustness and cybersecurity.

Shintaro Inoue

Senior Manager Video Solution Service Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe