European Congress of Radiology 2019: Konica Minolta strengthens its position in Mobile Diagnostics

| 27 February 2019

Hospitals and clinics are increasingly looking into ways to provide the best healthcare to all patients. Mobility is one such way to improve patient care; because sometimes care needs to come to the patient. Bedside exams may be needed in case patients cannot be moved due to the nature of their injuries. In those cases Mobile Digital X-ray is the right technology to use.

After the successful introduction of the fully motorized Digital Mobile system AERODR X30 in 2017, currently available with 100 micron (!) resolution, Konica Minolta continues to focus on Mobility by displaying AERODR X10 on this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria: a manually driven digital Mobile X-ray system with all the essential features that delivers high performance, even in confined spaces. A large 19” touchscreen provides access to the newly developed AeroNAV software, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Of course, the AERODR X10 will be equipped with the company’s world-renowned AERODR Flat Panel Detectors that are lightweight, durable and can easily be stored and at the same time automatically charged in the bin, without the need to replace batteries all the time.

Mobility also perfectly describes the latest innovation from Konica Minolta in portable Ultrasound: SONIMAGE MX1. Developed with the MSK practitioner in mind to shorten the system learning curve, the easy-to-use and portable MX1 System features one-touch image optimization to simplify operation. Multiple imaging parameters, such as frequency, focus and compounding can be changed automatically by simply adjusting the depth. The result of these customized settings is exceptional image quality and resolution, reliably and repeatedly, enabling physicians to make a confident diagnosis, provide therapeutic needle guidance and monitor rehabilitation.

An intuitive touchscreen with focused point-of-care exams and a 5-button console further improve clinical workflow and ease-of-use. The new Dual Sonic Technology controls ultrasonic noise and enhances ultrasonic transmission efficiency to deliver clear delineation of structures as small as hundreds of microns in diameter. SONIMAGE MX1 will have its debut in Europe at the 2019 edition of ECR.


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