Customer approved special substrates

for AccurioJet KM-1 series


Compatible print media for your AccurioJet KM-1 system

The Online Media Guide provides a quick overview of customer recommended special substrates for your digital UV LED press. Detailed information on substrates and popular applications is at your fingertips and ready for easy download. 

The listed media are a very small collection of special substrates used by our customers to demonstrate the versatility of our press. Since our press is able to print on almost all uncoated and coated standard substrates, these are not listed in this guide.



1. General Information
The listed substrate information has been collected from our customers using these materials successfully on their AccurioJet KM-1 series press.

2. Supplementary information
It should be noted that the composition or nature of the recommended substrate is sometimes subject to manufacturer's changes. The recommendation, therefore, always refer to the nature of the product used during the mentioned period. Konica Minolta is strongly recommending that customers test a small number of sheets prior to production to confirm whether it meets the required quality or not. It should be considered that coated, pre-printed, hammered or textured papers and non-paper substrates (e.g. carbonless papers, adhesive, labels, PE, polyester and PVC films) - especially when used on a large scale or over a longer period – can trigger chemical and / or thermal processes in the printing system, which may cause a defect or premature wear of certain components. If a print system will be used primarily or exclusively for this purpose, this is at the sole risk and responsibility of the customer. Any function or quality losses associated with it do not constitute a defect of the printing system, unless Konica Minolta has tested the critical print medium - and if necessary - for a given volume per time unit released for use.

3. Warranty and Liability
The listed substrates are recommended from AccurioJet KM-1 series customers using these substrates on larger scales. Using these materials in disregard of the above "Supplementary information", no warranty or claims for damages against Konica Minolta can be derived from the present substrate recommendations. 
In case of print quality and feedability issues caused by operations beyond the respective product description of the machine, paper or print data, Konica Minolta does not give any performance guarantees or warranties for the listed substrates.