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AI revolution in Personal Protective Equipment

The FORXAI Smart Mirror is revolutionizing workplace safety with its AI-powered technology. Designed to cater to industries where strict PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) adherence is critical, this solution ensures a safe and secure environment for all employees. By automating the inspection process, it detects any PPE discrepancies in real-time, allowing for immediate rectification and reducing the risk of contamination. Customizable to meet various industry standards, the FORXAI Smart Mirror is not just a tool but a guardian, ensuring that every worker is equipped with the necessary gear from head to toe. Its ability to streamline safety protocols and ensure compliance makes it an indispensable ally in maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace.

Did you know?

For over 10 years, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) violations have been at the top of OSHA (U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violation lists, leading to serious injury or death.

Our solution!

With our all-in-one FORXAI Mirror, companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, food and healthcare sector will be able to automate PPE control for all employees at the entrance of their facility.

Fast and Intuitive checking process

Stand in front of the display - Insert the card - Raise your hands

We can detect

Protective Coat Compliance

Gloves and broken gloves

Face Mask Compliance

Exposed Skin

Safety goggles

Head Gear Complieance and exposed hair

FORXAI Smart Mirror in Action!

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