The AlphaJET is an integrated production line, including printing and finishing of B1 (72x110cm) and B2 sheets, from 135g/m2 to 2mm thickness, using 100% digital processes.

  • B1 Single pass factory
  • High level of printing and finishing quality
  • Electromagnetic linear transport for more stability and flat paper transport
  • OEE & Efficiency: less production interruptions, productivity
  • MGI Artificial Iintelligence SCANNERS
  • Eco responsible - Eco Varnish; Eco- Protective Varnish (OPV); Eco-Digital Hot Foil Stamp (Green Foil)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Strong cost reduction (less waste, reduced energy and labor cost)



Key features

The revolutionary AlphaJET offers integration on a single B1 sheet production line, combining a single-pass process, printing and finishing operations, information technologies and predictive maintenance. Offering high added value, the AlphaJET simplifies print production that up to now was complex to realise, associating four colour printing, personalisation, micro-writing, protective varnish, UV selective varnish and hot foil stamping at an industrial rate, by proposing an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) never reached before in the printing industry. This de facto considerably reduces the carbon footprint of the printed product. Connected at your customers’ premises, implemented by a small team, and controlled through an intuitive interface, the AlphaJET allows you to deploy your factory 4.0 strategy with a reliable, sustainable, and innovative solution, essential to move from a linear industry model to a circular model

  • Quality feature icon

    Memjet DuraLink full color inkjet printing

    The AlphaJET is equipped with the world's first DuraLink inkjet heads, developed by Memjet, featuring 1600dpi resolution and a high level of nozzle redundancy for optimal print quality, combined with aqueous pigment inks.
  • Media handling feature icon

    A revolutionary paper passage

    The AlphaJET is a revolutionary circular production line, the paper is transported through suction trays, driven by an electromagnetic linear motor.
  • Technology feature icon

    Selective UV Varnish and Digital Hot Foil Stamping

    The AlphaJET's new hybrid technology, combining aqueous inks and UV inks/varnishes, makes it possible to print and finish all kinds of printed matter (brochures, leaflets, packaging, cases, cardboard, book covers, etc.)  on flexible or rigid substrates, as diverse as paper, cardboard, corrugated, triple-flute etc..
  • Gear Wheels Icon

    A complete production line

    The AlphaJET makes it possible to manufacture in a single operation, folding cartons integrating a four-color printing, enriched with one or two hot gildings in variable data, a tactile selective varnish, and secured with holograms generated in variable data.
  • Productivity feature icon

    Strong cost reduction

    As a pioneer of Factory 4.0 in the printing and packaging industry, Konica MInolta offers printers the possibility to drastically reduce their costs through a unique optimization of their production flows.

Main functionalities

High pile pallet loader
Based on a technology resulting from the offset, able to accomodate 2 400 sheets B1+ 350g, the feeder of the AlphaJET is conceived to load a pallet quickly. Its suction system adapts to flexible or rigid supports, going from 135g/m2 to 2mm thickness. The feeder is directly connected to the automatic tray loader.

Mobile suction trays
11 mobile suction trays allow the transport of B1 sheets throughout the printing/finishing process. Driven by an electromagnetic linear motor, these trays follow a process with a precision never reached in industrial printing, the sheets held immobile on the trays allowing a perfect registration.

High definition CMYK aqueous inkjet eco-printing
Memjet Duralink Food Compliant aqueous heads and inks. High definition printing 1600x1600dpi, wide gamut, Fogra certification. Compatibility coated papers / uncoated papers.

UV selective eco-varnish
MGI inkjet printing engine and UV Eco-Varnish, offering excellent adhesion on all types of substrates, while being confirmed de-inkable on certain substrates, according to the Ingede 11 standard. The MGI UV Eco-Varnish makes it possible to anticipate the expectations of customers in terms of the eco-responsibility of their printed matter and packaging Automatic washing of the heads for a permanent availability of the line.

Digital hot stamping
Hot foil stamping, flat or embossed, of Green Foil MGI on the Eco Varnish protection. The Green Foil MGI meets the standard of de-inkability Ingede 11 on certain substrates. The waste of Green-Foil MGI generated by printers benefit from a unique de-inking / recycling channel, allowing to offer an Eco-Responsible Hot Foil Stamping.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads

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MGI digital technology presents its latest innovation: AlphaJET, the first ever Factory 4.0 solution for the industrial printing industry.

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