Intelligent Information Management

Across business fields, companies’ workflows and opportunities are becoming ever more dependent on information management. Managing this information will be an increasingly demanding task: by 2025, global data volumes are expected to rise by tenfold – from 16.1 zettabytes to 163 zettabytes. Without efficient tools to manage and organise this flood of data, business potential is lost and management efforts as well as costs for internal processes increase exponentially. Knowledge workers are facing various challenges withthe management of this data flood. Without efficient content management, it takes them up to 18 minutes on average to search for a document. And data process complexity can have even more severe consequences: 7.5 per cent of the documents get lost completely in organisational processes. At best, this loss only decreases department productivity, as the work has to be redone. At worst, depending on the importance of the documents, it can additionally lead to financial disadvantages or legal issues.

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