Training & dual study FAQ

Answers to your questions


When can I apply for training at Konica Minolta?

Our application period begins in October of each year. Top tip: apply as early as possible. Because we will end the application process as soon as we have found the right candidate.

When does training at Konica Minolta start?

The training year always starts on 1 August at the Langenhagen sites and at all sites north of there. At the sites to the south, such as Stuttgart and Weilheim, the training year always starts on 1 September.

Who will be my point of contact during my training programme?

During your training programme, there will always be someone to answer your questions and take care of you. Your main support contacts will be your trainer, the other trainees in the company and our training coordinators Lena Schillig and Annika Müller.

How often will I have to go to vocational college, and where will this be?

This depends on your training subject and location. As a rule, teaching is delivered in blocks. If you would like to know the exact format, please ask during the application process or in advance by getting in touch with us.

Can I do a year abroad as part of my training?

Yes, this is an option in principle and is even funded through the EU's ERASMUS funding programme. We have already appointed many apprentices to one of our European offices, such as Madrid, Paris and London, as part of this programme.

Can I work from home or do I have to go into the office each day?

Our mobile working concept allows our employees to work from home in principle. Of course, this includes trainees too. However, it always depends on the department and your duties. It’s best to talk to the relevant trainer. In the beginning, we would definitely recommend going into the office every day to get to know your colleagues and the work processes better. During the current pandemic, trainees are increasingly working from home, which means that they are very quickly getting used to virtual working, including across different countries.

Is there a company canteen?

Hanover Langenhagen, has the "WorkCafé", which offers a wide range of meals. In summer, you can even enjoy your meal outdoors.

What is the dress code? Shorts? Birkenstocks or flip flops?

Casual is the new business dress code! This means that you can wear trainers, jeans and a shirt or blouse.

and a shirt or blouse. What further training opportunities are there?

Non-English speakers can improve their English skills by taking an e-learning course, or you could get a certificate in Project Management. We have our own Academy and offer a wide range of further education opportunities.