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Senior Product Owner in the Development Unit

Berit works in a very dynamic and international environment where she never gets bored. Interacting extensively with customers and colleagues across many different departments, she is perfectly placed to understand all aspects of the business in a constantly changing environment. In the Digital Workplace unit, the opportunity to experiment and develop new products makes her part of Konica Minolta’s success.

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Data Scientist in the European IT department

Konica Minolta is a global company with an immense amount of data. As a data scientist, Irena finds ways to make better use of all that information. In collaboration with colleagues from different countries she manages projects where she combines the knowledge blocks from completely different fields in order to create the best solutions for clients' needs.

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Our Konica Minolta LGBTQ+ community

Having a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion opens the path to trust and honesty at work. It gives employees a safe place, where they can be authentic and perform at their best. Such culture plays an important role to feel confident and allows a larger platform for innovation, creativity and a variety of perspectives. Two members of our Konica Minolta LGBTQ+ community share with us their experience from the Konica Minolta workplace. 

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From Trainee to Service Consultant

From day one, Konica Minolta has been Meike's employer of choice. She enjoys a trusting and collaborative environment on all levels, combined with the autonomy to choose her own way of working. Customers are the centre of her focus. Her job is to recognise their needs before they do. Together with them and with the help of agile methodologies, she develops the appropriate solution for the situation.

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Workforce Planning Manager

Richard has a lot of experience supporting Konica Minolta's business strategy by determining the right skills and capabilities people should have now and in the future. He sees himself as a partner and consultant. By analysing data, exchanging ideas and collaborating with a wide range of people in many different fields, he helps to shape the future of the company.

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From Trainee to Sales Manager for Strategic Accounts

For Lukas, being a trainee at Konica Minolta meant being in the field with his colleagues and learning the job by experiencing it. With this newly acquired knowledge and the many possibilities on offer, Lukas now supports his unit with ideas on how to ensure client collaboration in a more proactive way.

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Sales Manager for Global Accounts

Working in close collaboration with a wide range of international clients, Georg finds the best solutions for their needs. Breaking silos, using innovative tools and agile methodologies, he learns, explores and analyses our clients’ businesses in order to understand the pain points and offer an appropriate solution and service.

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From idea to implementation – Experience shared by André Statkus

Passion, Customer-Centric and Team spirit in Konica Minolta - “if you have an idea to improve a process in the company or to create totally something new, then try it and believe in it. The time you will spend with the colleagues to bring your idea to reality is motivating and brings a great team spirit.” This is what our colleague André experienced through a project, close to his heart. Thanks for sharing André and many successful projects to come! Read the full story here:

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Career - Insights - Amazing people - Patrick

My path from apprenticeship to building European service strategies: Patrick Stucke

Patrick works in a constantly changing international environment, which supports development and collaboration between departments. This surrounding keeps him energized when building European service strategies.“I never come to work thinking that I don’t want to be here. With all the changes that are happening the challenge is rather “Where do we start?” ” says Patrick. Read the full interview for more insights into Patrick’s story.

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80 years in Konica Minolta!

You might be asking yourself, if it is possible to work 80 years in a company. Well, if we sum-up the 20th professional anniversary of our four colleagues: Markus Wagner, Wiebke Ostermeier, Bernd Scheibner and Joerg Libal all working for the Konica Minolta Academy, we end up with 80 years full of Konica Minolta experience. Let’s have a closer look to learn what our colleagues find motivating but also challenging and why working for the same company for more than 80 years still brings inspiration

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