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Flourish - Your employee journey at Konica Minolta

When you join Konica Minolta, you'll discover our employee experience model Flourish designed to help you make the most of your journey at Konica Minolta. From the latest news and views to performance reviews and perks, everything you need to thrive and shine is compiled in one place, giving you an easy overview and access to everything we have to offer you!

Shine (reward)- Share success stories

Konica Minolta employees are working intensively, and this should be recognised not only through the packages we offer, but also by rewarding our people and sharing their stories publicly and officially. There are various award programmes at European and global levels that give you the opportunity to share your successes with the world and perhaps even be rewarded. As our employees are our most valuable asset, we want to share their inspiring stories internally and externally. Our people are our brand, we want them to shine!

Thrive (encourage) - Get support, guidance and more

Konica Minolta people of all ages and genders come from different countries and backgrounds, but all share one DNA. At Konica Minolta, we cultivate a work environment that allows everyone to contribute and thrive. You can join one of our networking groups, such as the Business Women network, the LGBTQ+ network VIBRANT or our Agile Labs. We offer a mix of benefits and health initiatives to keep you strong. Together we will find the right environment for you that allows you to enjoy a good personal life while pursuing your professional goals.

Grow (develop) - Blossom in your role

In this competitive world we need to have the right skills and mindset. At Konica Minolta, there are many opportunities for you to learn, experience and develop. Our Academy offers 800 training and 400 e-learning courses. You can participate in our six-month Transformation Innovation Programme, where you will work with colleagues from many countries on business challenges. And because change needs good leadership, you can join our Grow2Shape and Lead2Shape programmes. As we are a global company, our internship opportunities allow you to work abroad for a while.

Nurture (evaluate) - See how we are performing

There are many levels of evaluation.  At the corporate level, you can provide feedback on how you perceive Konica Minolta through our global surveys. At the individual level, with the support of our performance management system, you can reflect together with your manager on successes, obstacles and learning to capture valuable results. You come together to agree, monitor and reflect on current priorities and expertise that are important to your work, how you work together and, of course, your development goals.

Embed (onboard) - Explore our culture

When you join Konica Minolta, we want you to be well prepared and understand what Konica Minolta stands for. Our future is characterised by both transformative opportunities and existential challenges. Our clear vision, strong branding and growth mindset guide us. With our onboarding materials and internal communication tools all available at a glance, you have the opportunity to explore and dive deep into our culture right at the start of your career at Konica Minolta.