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Grow with us based on a smart formula

Progress is what drives us, and we never rest on our laurels. This doesn’t just apply to us as a company, but also to our employees’ development. Our approach is based on the 70-20-10 principle. 70 percent of what you learn with us will be through targeted, on-the-job tasks. Because we are convinced that you will develop the most if we give you the opportunity to learn by carrying out actual work. 20 percent of your development comes from interactions with colleagues or managers who enjoy sharing their experiences. We consciously promote learning from and with each other, sharing knowledge and giving feedback. And when it comes to gaining specific inspiration or acquiring new knowledge, we rely on a wide range of learning opportunities: 10 percent of what we learn comes from formal learning. This includes customised training courses, development programmes targeted at specific target groups and a variety of digital learning formats that will help you grow.

Take a targeted approach to shaping your development:
Our competence model gives you the right guidance

Our specific core and specialist competencies at Konica Minolta provide a common language and transparent standards for development strategies and for employee selection and appraisals. They show you what it takes, now and going forward, to shine in your individual tasks and to shape digital transformation together with our entire team. For our customers as well as for ourselves. And talking of going forward: for us, a forward-looking approach goes hand in hand with a focus on strengths. In our experience, the "strengthen strengths" approach is extremely motivational. Don't you think?   

Review your successes and potential:
Using our "myDialog” employee review

Having clarity about the coming year. Receiving regular short bursts of feedback several times a year to provide guidance. Reflecting on successes, obstacles and learning to capture valuable results. This is what our myDialog reviews between employees and managers are all about. You come together to agree, monitor and reflect on current priorities and expertise that are essential to your work, how you collaborate and, naturally, your development goals and work, as set out in your personal development plan. All in a digital format, it goes without saying.

Gain fresh momentum: Our Konica Minolta Academy offers you a wide range of opportunities

Around 800 training courses with more than 5500 participants each year and a range of over 400 e-learning courses in a wide variety of languages: that's our Academy. And we are really proud of it. It is where we train both our own people and employees from external companies. Whether it’s face-to-face at one of our sites or via webinars, web-based training, videos, podcasts and much more, you benefit from tailored content and innovative training programmes such as our "Digital Transformation Programme".

Take the lead: With our Grow2Shape and Lead2Shape programmes

Continuous change needs good leadership. And equally, the demands on leadership are changing in the face of the current mega trends. With our Grow2Shape and Lead2Shape programmes, we help our junior and senior managers develop their leadership skills. Rather than adopting a scattergun approach, we focus on individual requirements. Site evaluations in the form of development workshops and 360° feedback have a clear focus on learning from others and giving feedback. The wide range of programmes on offer provides everyone with the opportunity to seize the fresh inspiration that bring the greatest added value to their day-to-day work. And we also promote a unified understanding of leadership at Konica Minolta.

Experience working abroad with our placement opportunities

Collaboration between partners across national borders is what makes working for us so special. After all, we are a global corporation and have a home in many countries. You can use this opportunity to gain international experience. Through our two placement programmes EXCHANGE and MOVE GLOBAL, you have the opportunity to live abroad and work at one of our national organisations for a few months or for a period of two to three years.

Technology Innovation Programme promotes collaborative international innovation

Become actively involved in shaping digital transformation and work together to come up with new approaches for the future. That's what our Technology Innovation Programme is all about. If you choose to participate in the six-month programme, you will work with colleagues from different departments and countries to address specific challenges for our company. You will learn new technical skills, think outside the box beyond your own area of responsibility and make lots of exciting contacts with other colleagues. Personal and professional growth is guaranteed. It will be lots of fun too!